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COMMENTARY ON BRAVE NEW WORLD In chapters four through six of brave new world Christianity is shown to be unnecessary."People," as Birnbaum states, "are never taught religion, and are conditioned so they'll never be alone and think about the possibility of God…" (3). The creation of a religion is almost similar to an act of artistic expression ;as it requires an enormous amount of emotion and individual belief. With an idea of a higher being and consequently an idea of a more important aspect of life than just remaining stable would be detrimental to the utopian world. Instead of pondering an afterlife, the citizens remain true to their society which is shown when a character states, "Fine to think we can go on being socially useful even after we're dead," (49). In chapters seven through ten Emotions are thus controlled in Brave New World. Control and stability can best be achieved when everyone is happy. The government does its best to eliminate any painful emotion, which means every deep feeling, every passion, is gone. Huxley shows that the government recognizes the dangers of negative emotions when the controller states, "Actual happiness always looks pretty squalid in comparison with the over-compensations for misery" (150). In chapters fifteen through eighteen the society in Brave New World lacks of spirituality and Christianity. The pleasure-seeking society pursues no spiritual experiences or joys, preferring carnal ones. The lack of a religion that seeks a true transcendental understanding helps ensure that the masses of people, upper and lower classes have no reason to rebel. What religious ritual they have begins as an attempt to reach a higher level of understanding as a community but quickly turns into a chance to please the carnal nature of man through orgiastic ritual. This denies the human soul, which is
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