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Sui Wendi was the founder of Sui Dynasty and became the first emperor in 581 CE. He was born in 541 CE. His real name is Yang Jian. The word Wendi means “Literary Emperor”. Emperor Wendi was a Buddhist who had a wealthy scholar’s education and a military training. At the age of 14, he was employed. Eight years after ascending to the throne, Yang Jian destroyed the Chen Dynasty in southern China, and reunified China. After Emperor Wen’s death (probably by murder), Emperor Yang, the second son of Yang Jian, took the throne. He was a great but uncertain emperor in Chinese history. He carried out many significant projects during his reign. The most outstanding one was the Grand Canal, which connected the Yellow River with the Huai and Yangtze Rivers. Since then, north-south transportation was much easier. The transportation artery laid an important basis for economic and social peak of old China. Through several wars, the land of Sui Dynasty expanded. However, those constructions and wars were so expensive. People suffered a lot from intensive labor camp. Ten of thousands able-bodied men were taken from rural farms and other occupations, which damaged the agricultural base and the economy further. Peasant uprisings broke out one after another. In 618, its army killed Emperor Yang and Sui Dynasty ended. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yang Guang reigned as Yangdi (Emperor Yang) from 604 to 617. Many historians believed Yang Guang murdered his father. Yang Guang eventually became the second Emperor of Sui Dynasty. During the reign of Emperor Yangdi, the Grand Canal was constructed -- a water transport artery that helped promote economic development and unify the country Yangdi completed the Grand Canal but was tyrant. Despite his achievements, Emperor Yangdi was also notorious for his cruelty: He killed all
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