Johnny Tremain: Classic? Essay

Johnny Tremain Classic Essay

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The book, Johnny Tremain, is a classic piece of literature. Johnny is a dynamic character, and not only tests, but also discovers some enduring values through the 2 years of Johnny\'s life the book covers. Johnny is a complex, multifaceted character that changes drastically from the age of 14 to 16. One major change is how in the beginning, he is know as, “boss of the attic, and almost of the house” (p. 3). Johnny then burns his hand and is essentially a cripple that can\'t complete any silversmithing and, for that matter, can\'t even get another job. Another change is when Johnny realizes how much Mrs. Lapham really did for him and the rest of the household. When Johnny was living with the Lapham family, he thought Mrs. Lapham too strict and controlling. Toward the end of the book though, Johnny finally appreciates all of the the sacrifices she made and difficult work she completed. A third example of Johnny\'s transformation is his political views. Before he had met Rab, he didn’t really even think about politics. Once Johnny started living with Rab though, Rab\'s Whig views and ideologies started to rub off on him, and before you know it, Johnny began to consider himself as a Whig too. He became trusted by the Whig party so much that he was given sensitive information and was even included in the Boston Tea Party. Johnny tried and discovered the enduring values of friendship, honor and forgiveness. He tested the enduring value of friendship mainly through meeting Rab. When Johnny got a job at the printer\'s shop and moved in with Rab, their respect and care for each other grew. While living together, their friendship turned into a
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