2000 years of charismatic by Eddies Hyatt Essay

2000 Years Of Charismatic By Eddies Hyatt Term paper

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Abosede Ajala Date: 1/2/15 Book Review Title 2000 years of charismatic by Eddies Hyatt Chapter one to five The apostolic church: the author of the book 2000 years of charismatic wrote about church of first century was a charismatic church. According to Luke who recorded its history in the book of act: which saying that, speaking in tongues, prophecy, healing and miracle and all others that are charismatic as predicted as norms. whereby he used the book of act 1:8 to illustrate his point “you shall received power when the holy spirit come upon you “ the author mention one of his reference as Gordon D.fee who was talking about how Paul emphasis on the spirit” as the key to everything in the Christian life. His emphasis is that the standard still remains the same as the believer carried the gospel from the Jerusalem into the Greek- roman world. It still continues to the new church. Paul spoke of freely spiritually gift and, miracle. he mention that he was” fully preached” the good news of Christ to the gentiles in the mighty of signs and wonder through the authority of the spirit of the God. Han van caperhausen describe the early church’s vision of Christian as common by one of free fellowship which developed through the living interplay of spiritually gift and ministries. He suggested that the church at the Corinth “knew of either bishop nor elders or any kind of ordination but, only the free and unplanned charisma\'s. He went further to point out that, according to what Paul says that they were given all that was necessary in which Rudolph bultoman in this book agree and insist that was in New Testament church, by those people in authority to endowed spiritual gift. According to James D.G Dunn in his book in this book 2000 years charismatic book – He says the life of Jesus and spirit has already demonstrated the early Christian church to looked up to the presence of the holy spirit for community, life instead of an organization formality. He gave out the point from the book of philippian1:1 reading “Paul and Timothy bond the servants of Christ Jesus to the entire saint in Christ- Jesus who are at Philippi with the bishops and deacon. In this book we realize that Paul never addressed himself as a leadership group within a community but, as for James Dunn his implies is clear it was said that if the leadership was given Paul will assumed that the charismatic spirit would be given. The author also talk about the office and function of leaders the early church mention that there should be formality structure of the church life in which the qualification must be given to those that will served in the office people like spiritual bishops or deacon who will differentiate the old to the new. the appointment should not stand as an ordinary but, with office function of people with certain spiritual filled with gift of holy spirit, those that were called must be under the content of fundamental charismatic functional and structural of church. The apostolic was charismatic in nature but the emphasis was that it should not be a surprised for us because it is what our lord has already done and taught his disciples that one should expect such
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