Returning to School Essay

Returning To School Essay

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Returning to School I made the decision to return to school to further my education about young children, and children with special needs and to earn my Early Childhood Education Administration degree. The benefits that I will be obtaining from my college degree will be receiving better pay and to be in a better position to open my own childcare program one day. In the year of two thousand five I worked at a childcare center for the mentally ill. I worked there for almost twenty years before the owner decided to sale to another owner. The old owners were offering the people that were there the longest a bonus for each year that they had been there and a raise. I was one of the employee’s that had resigned and was called by to work by the administrator. So when the company started giving out the bonuses I did not get the bonus or a raise. I was told that it was because I was a returnee and that I was gone more than ninety days (ninety-three days to be exact) so I was not eligible to receive anything at all. Mine you I was there almost twenty years and was called back by the administrator (who did not have my back) but I was not eligible. If I had stayed at this job I would have to start from the bottom and work my way back up again. What I mean by starting from the bottom and work my way back up, that I was going to be making the same pay as the people coming in off the streets. Well to make a long story a little shorter I left that job and decided to start school and earn a degree in a field that I could earn more money. Going back to school to further my education was the only way to better myself and to make up for all the years I had wasted at a job that I was not moving up to a better position or more pay. Going back school to be a teacher was not my first decision. My first decision was to be a nurse’s assistant or something within the health care field. Somewhere along the way I changed my decision and decided to be a teacher. My reason for the change of heart was that several of my relatives said that I
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