Two advantages of Single Sex Schools Essay

Two Advantages Of Single Sex Schools Term paper

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Two advantages of Single-sex Schools In the article “Single-sex classrooms the latest way to challenge gender roles in grade school”, the writer, Madeleine White, first mentions the fact that more and more single-sex classrooms have been instituted recently. Then, she gives some evidence of the advantages and disadvantages by using ideas of other educators. With this in mind, I do believe that single-sex classrooms are a good idea to create a better academic environment for students. Most importantly, being separated by sex encourages students to break down outdated gender-stereotypes and helps construct their self-identity more effectively. I agree with some advocators that single-sex education can break down gender stereotypes, resulting in broadening educational prospects for both girls and boys, and reducing general distractions among students. First of all, gender-stereotypes are fixed and overgeneralized attitudes and behavior that are considered normal and appropriate for a person based on his or her biological sex. For example, in co-education schools, girls are more likely to choose art, but boys prefer to choose science. However, the supporter of single-sex education Dr. Leonard Sax says: “We want more girls engaged in robotics and computer programming and physics and engineering ;we want more boys engaged in poetry and creative writing and Spanish language” (Dr. Leonard Sax). There are different attitudes translating into the greater choice of non-traditional subjects among students in single-sex schools. Girls are free of the pressure to compete with boys in male-dominated subjects such as math and science. Boys, on the other hand, can more easily pursue traditionally \"feminine\" interests such as music and poetry. Thus, single-sex education provides an opportunity to broaden students’ horizons and allow them to feel free to explore their own strengths and interests, without the constraints of gender stereotypes. Furthermore, in my opinion, separating students by sex helps to avoid gender-based distractions among students, providing them with a better environment to flourish growth and learning. As we can see from research, “Boys and girls in single-sex schools were more likely to be better behaved and to find learning more enjoyable and the curriculum more relevant as there were fewer distractions” (Single Sex Schools vs. Co-Ed schools). In co-education schools, being at such a sensitive adolescent age, girls may become easily fascinated with boys, or boys may flirt and even bully girls. However, single-sex environments make everyone the same gender, which enables students to avoid distractions from the opposite sex, so that they are able to focus more on academic performance and have higher educational aspirations. On the other hand, I believe
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