Response Essay William Hathaway\'s \"Oh, Oh\" Essay

Response Essay William Hathaway S Oh Oh Term paper

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When I first read the title of William Hathaway\'s poem \"Oh, Oh\", I was a little unsure of the poem I was about to read and just exactly what it would entail. I expected something amazing or surprising would be in store. I imagined this because when I think about someone saying \"oh, oh\", I immediately picture that they are pointing out something or someone unexpected, and possibly even a bit unusual. This actually does take place in the poem and is a foreground for things to come. The poem title does not, however, seem to set the stage for love, life, warnings and dangers which are portrayed throughout the poem. The first stanza of \"Oh, Oh\" is very lighthearted and joyful. It speaks of a boy and girl who, I imagine, are in love ... that young, juvenile kind of love. I can feel the warm country air and smell the hay as I think back to when I was 16 and my boyfriend and I visited the family farm. We went exploring just like the boy and girl in the poem, joking and laughing, roaming every pasture and country lane. The boy and girl soon come upon a train, but there is something unusual about this train. It\'s headlight is on in broad daylight. The headlight makes me think about life and how sometimes we are going through life distracted by love and the world around us and, until something unusual happens to warn us and gain our attention, we may not know the danger ahead.
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