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“Srey Pov\'s family sold her to a brothel when she was 6 years old. She was unaware of sex but soon found out: A Western pedophile purchased her virginity, she said, and the brothel tied her naked and spread-eagled on a bed so that he could rape her. \'I was so scared,\' she recalled. \'I was crying and asking, \'Why are you doing this to me?\' \'After that, the girl was in huge demand because she was so young. Some 20 customers raped her nightly, she remembers. And the brothel stitched her vagina closed twice, so that she could be resold as a virgin (Kristoff).” This is part of the true story of Srey Pov’s days as a human trafficking victim, and it is not the only one. Human Trafficking is the carrying of people across borders deceitfully or against their will, for prostitution or forced labor (Ceaser). The governments of the world should work together to stop human trafficking by stopping pimps, helping organizations, and promoting awareness. Many people believe that the government cannot help decrease human trafficking, that it only makes it worse. Critics were saying that the first step in ending human trafficking is to make conditions for the victims better. It has been suggested that legalizing prostitution will bring the victims out of “black markets” and other dark and dirty places, hopefully saving a lot of pain and suffering in bad conditions. Even though prostitution is legal in Europe, in a survey of street prostitutes, it showed that 87% were victims of violence and 43% are suffering from their physical abuse. This does not just happen in other countries, a study of legal prostitutes in Minneapolis showed 78% had been raped an average of 49 times a year. Austria has a huge number of minors and young women ;they are worth about $600 a piece and have somewhere between 30 and 100 sexual encounters a day. The only thing the governments have done by legalizing prostitution is make what pimps do legal (Poulin). The government’s immigration laws have also had an unexpected effect on human trafficking, because of the stricter immigration laws, foreigners are willing to try anything to get into America. They are now more likely to get into human trafficking than ever before (Dougherty and Bruke). With well thought out plans and laws, the government can decrease the number of victims of human trafficking. Many congressmen have already taken notice of the issue and have been trying to pass legislation, such as house representative Alcee Hastings. Congress has already passed laws for harsher punishments for traffickers. There are also a few global corporations that the government is involved in. There is still more for the United States to do. The U.S. is so influential ;it could make such a huge impact on the issue (Hastings). In America people tend to look down on foreigners as a general rule, for no other reason than because they are foreigners. Some foreigners are in America illegally, some are legal, and others were brought here against their will. Despite common belief, there is human trafficking in America. This form of modern day slavery is seen all over the world, and America is no exception. Yet Americans still look down on foreigners without ever finding out if they are the victims. Some Organizations have been trying to help these victims for years. In Ecuador when the owners of a brothel were prosecuted, protestors
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