Lord Of The Flies Essay

Lord Of The Flies Essay

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The novel the Lord of the Flies written by William Golding is a revolutionary novel, which suggests how easy it is for man to turn into his true evil state. He uses a perfect island and perfect innocent British children to tell the reader, a story of conflict, murder and betrayal. A perfect island turns into ashes, conflict between the boys results in murder and killing and by using the characters that Golding does, he shows the struggle for power, intelligence, and philosophy within the boys. Golding uses the island that the boys are marooned on as an excellent device to show the reader how they can turn a paradise into a hell of ashes. It represents true innocents within the boys when it is a paradise, which dies when the innocence of the boys dies. The island starts off as perfect and untouched, and as the boys start realizing that they aren t going to be rescued they begin fighting and arguing. As a result they commence to mistreat the island and the things on it. As the story develops, the boys start killing and the island starts dying, along with their innocence. It is not until the end when the navel officer comes, and the island is dead that Ralph realizes that their innocence is dead as well, Ralph wept for the end of innocence The fight for power, the fight for survival, and the personal conflict within everyone, are all major themes William Golding used to describe to the reader that about the conflicts that occurred between the boys. As the story progresses Golding develops different conflicts within the group of boys. By having these fights he successfully constructs the idea of good and bad on the island. The major conflict on the island was that of Jack and Ralph, the fight for power over the group. Beginning off as friends Jack and Ralph start drifting away with different ideas of what is the most important thing to do on the island. Ralph wants the fire going as to attract ship s attention and Jack s opinion is to hunt and have fun. After having small and petty arguments Jack finally decides that the group needs meat and lets the fire go out to hunt. While he is gone, Ralph spots a ship and racing up the hill finds the fire out. This starts them arguing for the first time, which begins the separation of the group. Another argument amongst the boys was that of Piggy and Jack. Taking an instant dislike to Piggy, Jack, using every chance he got, made fun and verbally harassed Piggy. To end the conflict between them, Roger (Jack s second man) killed Piggy with a Rock. Probably the most important conflict in the story was that of Simon and The Lord of the Flies. Having occurred just before his death, Simon, talking to the pigs head on a stick, (The Lord of the Flies) uses this quote to symbolizing what was in Simon s mind, I am a part of you? The head brought up the subject of the BEAST saying, Fancy thinking the Beast was something you could hunt
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