Italian Men Essay

Italian Men Essay

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Italian MenOne day I ma go to a bigga hotel. Ina da morning I go downa to eatta breakfast. Itella da waitress I wanna two pisses toast. She bring only one piss. I tell her I wanna twopisses. She say to go to da toilet. I say you no understand, I wanna two piss on my plate.She say you better not piss on the plate, you sonna ma bitch! I don t even know da ladyand she calla me a sonna ma bitch!Later I go to eatta lunch at da Duke Resturaunte. Da waitress bringa me a spoonand knife , but no fock. I tella her I wanna fock. She tella me everybody wanna fock. I tella her, you no understand...I wanna fock onna da table! She say you better not fockonna da table you sonna ma bitch!So I go backa to my room inna hotel. There s no shits onna my bed. I calla damanager and tella him I wanna shits. He tella me to go to the toilet. I say you nounderstand...I wanna shits onna da bed. He say you better not shit on the bed you sonnama bitch!Then I go to check out of da hotel, and da same man at the desk say Peace toyou! And I say Piss on you too, you sonna ma bitch. I m gonna go backa to Italy!!!
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