Issues Of The Consitution Essay

Issues Of The Consitution Essay

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Issues of The ConsitutionYears ago the founders of the constitution knew that the government needed toprotect the people s rights. Unfortunately in order to protect our rights, we had to limitthem a little. If everyone could do anything they felt like, there would be no social order,we would collapse into anarchy. Presently there are laws and amendments that serve to protect our freedom. Takethe 1st amendment, that ensure that we can talk freely about anything and that thegovernment can t force us not to talk. Also consider the various laws about weaponownership, they allow us to own guns that are for defense, we can t own assault rifles, etc. If every person could military grade arms, then the police wouldn t be effective,or it would cost too much to equip them. Supposing the government didn t have theserestrictions on our freedom we couldn t function as an organized group in the world. As you can see the government has to walk a thin line between tyranny andanarchy. At some times the government stumbles and takes away some freedom, but thepeople make themselves heard and then the government listens. So as you can see we try and sometimes we may slip up a little, but we are quick to learn and quick to fix and so wekeep improving.
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