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SHOULD SMOKING BE BANNED IN PUBLIC PLACE? Should tobacco smoking be banned in public places? As we know that cigarette smoke is potentially hazardous to all those who inhale it, whether voluntarily or passively. The death rate of smoke-related diseases, the toxic components in tobaccos, and the diseases that are related to cigarettes are all obvious evidences to support the fact that cigarettes are harmful. Individuals are entitled to the right to public smoking ;however, this right should only be exercisable if the well of the surrounding individuals are not at threat. Second-hand smoke has been found to be harmful to the health of the non-smokers who are helplessly exposed to the destructive smoke.There are other countries such as China and Austria who have realized the severity of the effect of tobacco and passed national wide smoking prohibition. Canada, one of the leading nations of the world, has over looked the tobacco issue and is still a smoking permitted country. Tobacco smoking should be banned nationwide with little or no compromise. Researches on the negative effects of cigarettes have been completed by many agencies and health institution in the past. For instances, according to Snowball, a July 1995 study by federal health authorities estimated that the annual deaths attributable to smoking in Canada at more than 45,000 (3). In fact, It has been estimated that smoking is a major contributing factor Wu2in 10 to 25 percent of deaths in Europe and the United States, and about 20 percent of deaths among Canadian aged 35 to 84. Smoking was responsible for one out of 5 death in Canada (Snowball 3). Even with the scientific fact that twenty percent of Canadian deaths are caused by cigarettes, smoking is still permitted. How many Canadian lives will it take before the government takes action? Thus, until the government decides to restrict smoking, the citizens can only continue to pay mass fund to medical bill of smoke caused illnesses.In Canada, the direct health-care costs of dealing with smoking-related illnesses vary between 3 to 9 percent of all health care costs. Which can be interpreted as a 3 to 9 percent robbery of funding in other medical areas that suffer from causes that are unavoidable. It has been estimated that smokers lessened productivity through absenteeism costs the Canadian economy about $ 1.2 to 1.5 billions (Snowball 5). Billions of dollars are used unproductively towards a preventable cause. It is suggested that smoking is the most preventable cause of ill health (Andrews 11). The above statistics are disturbing and has left many logical individuals to desire the need to curb smoking by teenagers and ban smoking from public places because second-hand smoke is deadly. In addition to the above alarming figures, during the 1960s, Andrews learned that the components of tobacco smoke s 4,000 chemicals include at least forty three of these chemicals are know to cause cancer in human or animals, and more than 200 poisons, such as aromatic hydrocarbons and nitrosamines (11). This was in tobacco s smoke! Some may still argue that smoking is still not as harmful as other drugs. Smoking is definitely not at the caliber of the drugs that have already been forbidden, but tobacco contains just the sufficient amount to kill a full grown male in the period of fifteen years. Some people may still argue that smokers are WU 3aware and prepared to deal with the consequences. In Belgium, the scientists have found that there are adult levels of nicotine in the new born of mothers that smoked during their pregnancy (Andrew 11). Surely with such harmful components, smoking should be banned in public places. Let those who wish to smoke to do, but the others should not be forced to breathe the second-hand smoke. Smoking leads to cancer, bronchitis, emphysema, and increase the rate of heart attack (Snowball 3). Although some people argue that cigarette smoke does not make enough contact with their lungs if they don t breathed into their lungs, but they are forgetting about lip, mouth, and tongue cancer. Cigarette smoking causes these kinds of cancers too! Since smoking is harmful to both the smokers and the second-hand smokers. The personal freedom of the smoker is not worth the health of the non-smoker. It is the right of the non-smoker to demand a smoke-free environment. Lung cancer has killed too many people in this country. The chance of getting lung cancer or another smoking-related disease is not worth the personal freedom of the smoker. The rates of death in women due to lung cancer have exceeded the breast cancer, resulting in lung cancer is becoming the leading cause of cancer death in women. It had already been the leading cause of death in men too. Andrews stated, The American Cancer Society predicts that, over the next year, 192,000 Americans 110,000 men and 82,000 women will be newly diagnosed with and 164,000 will die from lung and throat cancers, both strongly related to smoking. While another two million people worldwide will die from smoking related diseases (11). In cooperation with other countries, Canada should attend to this warning and banned smoking from public places. Which would be a major breakthrough in the fight against lung Wu 4cancer and other heath problems related to second hand smoke will be eliminated, or at least reduce. According to Hales, passive cigarette smoke may rank behind cigarette smoking and alcohol as the third-leading preventable cause of death (399). Second-hand smoke contains higher levels of cancer-causing chemicals than smoke inhaled by a smoker. On the average, a smoker inhales what is known as mainstream smoke 8 or 9 times with each cigarette, for a total of about 24 seconds. However, the cigarette burns for about 24 minutes, and everyone in the room breaths in what is known as side stream smoke (399). It has been proven that side-stream and mainstream smoke contains different amounts of toxic substances. Side-stream smoke is
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