So Much Unfairness Of Things Essay

So Much Unfairness Of Things Essay

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SO MUCH UNFAIRNESS OF THINGS One of the "things" that is so unfair in the story "So Much Unfairness ofThings" by C.D.B. Bryan is that in the long run, Jumbo, the one who kept theHonor Code by turning in P.S. for cheating, will suffer more than P.S., the onewho actually committed the cheating. Contrary to what seems to be just or right,Jumbo will be neither rewarded nor praised for his sense of honor. Instead, he willbe punished, while P.S. will be sent away virtually unharmed. Jumbo will have hisdecision to turn in P.S. on his conscience for the rest of his life. He will constantlystruggle with the question of whether or not he made the right decision. He willhave to cope with the fact that he alone caused one of his friends to be expelledfrom school, and from his life. Many of P.S.'s friends will never forgive Jumbo forhis actions, and he will lose many of his current friends. After all, who would want to befriend someone who might betray them? Most would not. As Mr. Seatonexplains to P.S., "A lot of boys who don't know any better, a lot of your friends,will never forgive Jumbo. It will be plenty tough for him. Just as it is tough onanybody who does his duty." P.S. will experience many fewer of the repercussionsof his actions than will Jumbo. While he certainly is sad at first to leave V.P.S, hewill eventually continue his education and his life at some other school. He willmake new friends ;Jumbo will not. He is unlikely to be punished by his father whoreassuringly tells him, "I'm not angry with you,". Jumbo will be punished ;he willbe punished by his friends, by P.S.'s friends, and by his own conscience. In theend, P.S.'s cheating to pass a Latin exam will not affect himself nearly as much as itwill affect the honorable second-string tackle, Jumbo.

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