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Research Paper: The Invention of the Automobile The first automobile was invented in Europe, however the automobile industry had an enormous favorable impact on the United States economy.(Brown, 329) There was not one specific person who “invented the automobile,” ;but, there were many people who contributed to the invention of the automobile.(Ingrassia, 5) (Boyne, 31) These people include Isaac Newton, who developed a power carriage in the fourteen twenties, and Joseph Cugnot, who built the first steam powered automobile in seventeen sixty nine. The first American to develop an automobile was Nathan Redd.(Brown, 329) The use of the automobile in the United States became common due to the convenience and reliability of a quick, easy to operate source of transportation. The American people began to build their homes further from their jobs, and further from civilization because they could commute back and forth much more quickly.(Simanaitis, 337) The convenience, reliability, and easy commute were only a few positive effects of the development of the automobile in the United States. The invention of the automobile also directly stimulated the economical growth and success of the United States. One of the industries that prospered due to the automobile industry, was the oil industry. Automobiles ran on gas, so the demand for gas, or oil, was high. The oil companies had to get the oil that was found in the south and then refine this oil to make it ready to power the automobiles.(Automobile 814) Due to this high demand of oil for the use in automobiles, the oil companies, such as Standard Oil, could impose a high price on oil. (Jones, 112) This high price caused the oil companies to obtain a large profit, which increased their economic status. Another industry that was created and was successful due to the invention of the automobile was the automobile repair shop and the gasoline station.(Automobile, 812) The reason for the success of these repair shops is that the service that they provided was a necessity of automobile users. When an automobile failed to run well, or failed to run at all, the consumer needed a place that could fix the car. Not many Americans possessed the knowledge needed to repair an automobile, due to the fact that they were reasonably new, so a large fee could be placed on this service.(Sedowick, 232) The gasoline stations, which sometimes doubled as a repair shop, enjoyed the demands of the American public. The gasoline stations were set up by the oil companies in order to make gasoline more easily accessible. An industry that may not have ever been developed if the automobile was not growing in popularity is the drive-thru and drive-in business.(Automobile, 812) The drive-in movies became very popular for the entertainment of car owners. The first drive-in movie was developed in Camden , New Jersey in 1942. ( Burgess, 60) Driving one’s automobile through a line to get a hot, prepared meal appealed to Americans, also. Just the novelty of being in a car was enough to facilitate the drive-thru and drive-in industry in America. The roadside motel economy directly benefited from the invention of the automobile.(Automobile, 812) The auto awarded Americans a way to travel farther ;therefore the motel industry used it to their advantage. Americans traveled from state to state, and many times their travels took many hours or even days. These hours of driving created an interest in a temporary place to rest, and then continue on one’s journey. The automobile caused the number of motels to increase and the profit from these motels increased as well. The manufacturing and distribution of automobiles was the industry that contributed the greatest economically to the growth of the United States. By the year 1898 there were over fifty automobile companies in the United States, and by the year 1909 there were two hundred forty one automobile companies.(Lamm, 728) With the increase in auto companies came the idea of mass production, which was introduced by Henry Ford.(Jones, 124) This created an inexpensive way to produce a great amount of automobiles in a shorter amount of time, and the seller could in turn make a larger profit from these cars.(Appel, 319) The members of the Ford family were pioneers in automobile mass production and also the distribution of automobiles. Other pioneers in this industry include Ramson Eli Olds and James Packard. The selling and production of these expensive vehicles profoundly impacted the country’s economic success. Of all of the countries, the United States felt the greatest overall impact as a result of the invention and further development of the automobile.(Brown, 329) Had the automobile not been invented the economic success of this country would not have been so great. Through the sale of oil, the maintenance and repair of cars, The gasoline station, the drive-in and drive-thru business, and the motel business, the United States economy soared. The manufacturing and the distribution of the automobile further fueled the United States economy. Positive financial success was enjoyed by America thanks to the invention of the automobile.

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