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The Transformation of Intimacy How does 'sexuality' come into being, and what connections does it have with the changes that have affected personal life on a more general plane? In answering these questions, Anthony Giddens disputes many of the interpretations of the role of sexuality in our culture. The emergence of what he calls plastic sexuality, which is sexuality freed from its original relation of reproduction, is analyzed in terms of the long-term development of the modern social order and
Intimacy Problems
Intimacy Problems Cherie has a perfect life, so it seems. She is successful in the workplace, lives in a gorgeous house, and has a handsome, devoted boyfriend who ...
social influences of the last few decades. Giddens argues that the transformation of intimacy, in which women have played the major part, holds out the possibility of a society that is very traditional. "This book will appeal to a large general audience as well as being essential reading for those students in sociology and theory."(Manis 1) Giddens feels that the changes that have taken place in the matter of intimacy, definitely have a chance in our society, but much of
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it is yet to be realized. "Giddens argues that Foucault, by limiting his discussion of modern sexuality, cannot adequately account for changes that have occurred over the past century and, most notably, in the last few decades."(Gordon 2) He believes that the root of these changes are the spread of romantic love and contraception. They have created a 'plastic sexuality, which he describes as a sexuality split from traditional sexuality, to many changes not only in female heterosexual behavior but
Review: Be My Knife by David Grossman
Intimacy from afar Be My Knife David Grossman 320pp, Bloomsbury We are used to beginning with appearances and working our way inwards to the ...
in lesbian and gay behavior as well. Giddens describes our modern society as a "risk society" with three important trends affecting it: globalization, detraditionalization, and social reflexivity. Globalization is how the boundaries of our world are becoming less and less noticeable, which makes for a more diverse and multicultural population. Traditions in our society are also becoming non traditional, in that people no longer do things because they have "always been done that way," which gives people more freedom of
Romeo and Juliet: Act III, Scene V
Romeo and Juliet: Act III, Scene V Act III, Scene V of Romeo and Juliet is significant for it is the most pivotal scene of this tragic play. ...
choice to live their lives as they want. Social reflexivity allows people to write their own life scripts and enables them to live with greater uncertainty. Thus, people will seek out happiness through their uniquely designed personal path. Such as the freedom to be Gay or Lesbian, which is highly popular in today's society. Giddens also describes how human emotional experience is being radically transformed as we move from a pre-modern to a late modern society. He says that humans
Romeo and Juliet
MIDTERM Romeo and Juliet: Act III, Scene V Act III, Scene V of Romeo and Juliet is significant for it is the most pivotal scene of this tragic play. ...
are "knowledgeable actors" in that we have the capacity to reflect on and act in their life. Giddens believes because people are beginning to actively think about what they do, and as more people choose alternative styles of love, the traditions that surround love will soon begin to fall away. Our society will move to a more non-traditional world that emphasizes personal choice. When you stop to think about how outdated the romantic love concept actually is, you will
Romeo And Juliet
Romeo and Juliet: Act III, Scene V Act III, Scene V of Romeo and Juliet is significant for it is the most pivotal scene of this tragic play. Although ...
begin to realize the special power you have. Remember that we no longer live in the Middle Ages where women and men had unequal roles in life, were treated differently, and had different economic and social status. Today, women have a far greater degree of equality. Because of this, romantic
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