Religion: "To Life" Essay

Religion To Life Essay

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Everyone knows that in order to truly appreciate something sometimes you have to do without. I think that this can be related to my Catholic faith and studying about the Jewish faith. After reading the book, "To Life", I value my faith that I have much more. It has also helped me to appreciate the Jewish faith. Lastly, it has enlightened my mind with appreciation for the Jewish faith and how it has been a building block for our faith.
Ben Franklins Religion
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First of all, the Jewish people have a strong belief in community. On page ten it is quoted, "people before we had a religion." To the Jews this is a very important part of their religion. By following the traditions of their ancestors (Moses, Isaac, Jacob) they believe that they will fulfill their deeds as a Jew. One specific way in which they can fulfill the Jewish tradition is by obeying the Torah. The Torah is the Law or the
Frank Lloyd Wright
NOTE: Received an "A" with some corrections. If your professor is one who checks bibliography's be careful with mine. Art History 5 December 2000 Frank Lloyd Wright American ...
first five books written by Moses. It is the story of Judaism and that is where most of the history of Judaism comes from. As for the Christians they believe in what they call and "idea-the incarnation of God in Jesus, the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus as a way of redeeming man from sins." As a Christian I know that our religion comes from roots of Judaism. The Jews just haven't come to understand that Jesus is the Messiah.
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Secondly, some of the Jewish beliefs that Harold S. Kushner reveals in the book, "To Life" are quite strict and can be a bit of a turnoff to many non-Jews. The Jews believe that you don't have to be in the synagogue to worship. To the Jews, "everything we do can be transformed into a Sinai experience" and the "search for holiness is not confined to a synagogue." These are the quotes that suggest that Jews believe in prayers
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being done outside of synagogue. Another belief or law Jews have is in regards to food. On page fifty-five it suggests that abiding by kosher is not for the reason of pork spoiling. Instead, for Jews, they have a higher reason. Keeping the rules of kosher allows the Jews to make eating a holy thing. Allowing God to be part of their meals! It states, "The fact is that the rules of keeping kosher have nothing to do with trichinosis
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or contamination. They have everything to do with taking the process of eating which we share with all other animals and making it a uniquely human activity by investing it with considered ones of permitted and forbidden. Jews also believe that our moral choices we make in our life need to be handled with much maturity and responsibility. As regards to sexual pleasure the Jews have strict laws to this. On page fifty-three Kushner describes Jews having three different ways
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to react to sexual pleasures or any pleasures. We can yield to our instincts like animals do, suppress them or sanctify them. The Jews sanctify their instincts by keeping sex only for marriage and for the purpose of procreation. A last main belief can be found on page sixty-seven of Jews is that called tzedaka or in English charity. Christians believe that giving is not just the material sense of giving, but giving when it hurts. Christians believe that it
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doesn't matter how much you give as long as you are giving a generous gift. The Jews believe in tzedaka meaning giving as much money as you can and the more money you give the better and holier you are! Prayer is the last main belief Jews hold in a high degree. The way Kushner describes Jewish prayer is comparing it to Christian prayer. The world's mentality of prayer is: pray whenever you want or need something from God.
Rousseau and ReligionRousseau concludes his Social Contract with a chapter on religion. His view on the subject is subtle and interesting ;and moreover, I maintain that it provides us ...
Kushner describes this as "bribing God" on page 198. He states, "In biblical times, Jews worshipped God with animal sacrifices." Jews believed that "to take worship seriously it had to cast him something." This means that it is not necessarily going to
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