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A synopsis of the condition known as Aphasia
Introduction The central area of the brain associated with language functions extends from Broca's to Wernicke's area's, above and below the Sylivian fissure. Acquired forms of aphasia are caused by ...
What is Aphasia? Aphasia is the impairment of spoken or written language caused by injury to the brain. It is also commonly referred to as Dysphasia. There are several different categories and many different types of Aphasia. What causes Aphasia? Aphasia is usually the result of a brain tumor, lesion, stroke, or severe blow to the head. Right-handed people can only acquire Aphasia if they have an injury in the left cerebral hemisphere, whereas left-handed people can
-What is Huntington's Disease? -Huntington's Disease, also known as Huntington's Chorea, is a severe, degenerative, hereditary disorder of the nervous system. -Who or what is Huntington's Disease named for? -It ...
quire Aphasia from an injury in either the right or left cerebral hemisphere. Therefor, left-handed people are more prone to getting Aphasia. Categories of Aphasia There are several different systems for categorizing Aphasia. The more common one consists of two broad classifications: Broca's and Wernickes. In Broca's, the patient normally understands speech fairly well, but has difficulty in retrieving words and has hence naming objects or expressing themselves. In Wernickes, the patient normally produces fluent but incomprehensible
Dyslexia in the Learning Disabled Student Introduction According to the WAC 392-172-126, in order for a student to be considered learning disabled he or she must be functioining at a ...
speech, or jargon, and comprehends poorly the speech of others. The other systems places all types of Aphasia in categories labeled fluent and nonfluent. In fluent, the patient usually has a normal rate of speech without the hesitations or pauses common in nonfluent. Generally, people whose type of Aphasia falls under the fluent category have difficulty comprehending speech. In nonfluent, the patient usually produces effortful, telegraphic style speech marked by pauses. The ability of these patients to understand speech
Brain Structure
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is usually good. Types of Aphasia There are many different types of Aphasia. Some of them are: Global Aphasia: This is the most severe form of Aphasia. Patients with Global Aphasia produce hardly any recognizable words and understand barely any spoken language. People with Global Aphasia do not have the ability to read or write. Broca's Aphasia: This is a form of Aphasia where the patient has reduced speech outturn, and produces mainly short utterances of less
Waiting for Godot
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than four words. Vocabulary access is limited, and forming of sound is often difficult and clumsy. The patient may understand speech reasonably well and may be able to read, but is limited in their writing abilities. Mixed non-fluent Aphasia: This term is applied to patients with an illness similar to sever Broca's Aphasia. Unlike Broca's Aphasia, tough, patients with mixed non-fluent Aphasia are limited in their understanding of speech and cannot read or write much beyond an elementary level.
Parkinsons Disease
Parkinson Disease Damage to Broca's area in the frontal lobe causes difficulty in speaking and writing, a problem known as Broca's aphasia. Injury to Wernicke's area in the left ...
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