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Clifton 2 Racial Profiling Racial profiling is prevalent with the law enforcement agencies throughout the United States. Racial profiling is not new to law enforcement and certainly not new to the citizens that are victims from it. Profiling is a serious injustice to humanity, is an act of racism and discrimination, and is condoned by law enforcement agencies. Profiling has been enforced since the invention of law enforcement. However, it is a crime that needs to cease. Officers should not conduct traffic stops on vehicles based on the ethnicity of the occupants. That is racism. Racism is the belief that one race is superior to another and discrimination is a prejudicial outlook. Profiling is discrimination and racism all rolled into one. Citizens should not be subjected to police discrimination and racism. Law enforcement officials should be well trained and biased. If officers were biased there would not be racism in the police institution. There should be more emphasis placed on hiring and the background of the officers who are applying. The officers that are in place, Clifton 3 more training and penalties should be enacted to deter them from profiling. Profiling is condoned by law enforcement agencies nationwide. Since it is so embedded in the police culture it is almost second nature to them. Most officers probably do not even think what they do is profiling, but when you conduct traffic stops based on ethnicity of the occupants it is profiling.

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