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Gun Control Gun control is an issue that many are faced with daily. Parents are concerned about the safety of their children more now than before. Some want gun control and some do not. I am against gun control because I believe if properly educated about a gun, anyone can use it to a certain extent. I know gun control laws would help cut back on the store robberies, bank robberies, gang shootings, etc. Gun laws that restrict the sale of handguns would help keep handguns out of criminals’ ;hands. I understand the beliefs of some who feel that by banning guns the streets and communities would be a much safer place. Gun control laws are not the cure-all for all of society’s problems. Yes, they would cut back on many crimes, but they will not completely “cure” ;all of them. People who are for gun control commonly base their decision on myths. Here are just a few of the many myths about gun control: Gun Control Saves Lives Guns Should be Banned Because They Kill Thousands of People Each Year Gun Control Reduces Crime Above are just three of the many myths of gun control. Let’s take a closer look at each one of these. Gun Control Saves Lives “The truth is gun control costs lives, as evidenced by cities which enforce near total bans on firearms ownership. That’s because criminals don’t obey gun control or any other kind of laws. This means that citizens who do are effectively rendered defenseless.” ;(“Saves Lives”) How can a waiting period help an innocent person that is being stalked or threatened? Does prohibiting a person from carrying a gun keep them safe from rapists or attackers? How do any of the gun control laws keep you safe? Which one would save your life if you were being attacked right now? Guns should be Banned Because They Kill Thousands of People Each Year “Guns should be banned because they kill thousands each year is like arguing for not using automobiles because almost 50,000 people dies in car accidents in 1997. Or that we should ban doctors because millions die each year at the hands of inept doctors.” ;(“Kill Thousands”) Recent studies show that owning guns reduce crime. Criminals usually attack those that appear vulnerable. Thus having a gun will ward of criminals, “A study by Prof. John Lott of the University of Chicago, showed that by adopting “shall issue” ;concealed carry handgun laws, 31 states have reduced murders, on average, by 7.7%, rapes by 5%, aggravated assaults by 7% and robbery by 3%.” ;(“Kills Thousands” ;Gun Control Reduces Crime Gun control laws have not had a positive effect on crime, if anything ;they have had a negative effect. Places that have strict laws on guns generally have a higher crime rate than areas that have moderate or light laws concerning guns. A criminal does not obey the law so putting restrictions on guns is not going to keep them from getting them, it is only going to give them more people to make victims because the innocent can’t get the guns they need (Ten Myths). Myths are everywhere and many of the people who support gun control support it because of a myth. Decisions on gun control need to be based on facts not myths so make sure you know whether or not your evidence is a fact or a myth when you decide. People who are for gun control base all their arguments on myths and the negative statistics (guns in homes are 43 times more likely…) instead of the facts and positive statistics. Personally, I would like to see statistics like these: “A gun is 25 times more likely to be used to defend against a criminal threat than to kill anybody” ;(Deceit). “A gun is 50 times more likely to be used to defend against criminal threat than to be used in a suicide” ;(Deceit). “A gun is over 500 times more likely to be used to defend against criminal threat than to accidentally or unintentionally kill anybody” ;(Deceit). When deciding on gun control, base your decision on the positive statistics and facts, instead of just using the negative statistics and myths.

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