A House For Mr. Biswas Essay

A House For Mr Biswas Essay

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A Bend In The River
After the completion of his earlier Caribbean novels, V. S. Naipaul began his extended travels and subsequent writings inspired by those travels. A Bend in the River (1979) results from ...
Ever since his birth, Mr. Biswas - the main protagonist of V.S. Naipaul’s A House for Mr. Biswas - never has an opportunity to develop a sense of self. He is always finding himself in situations that make him feel powerless. Due to this powerlessness he is always in situations where he is having people tell him what to do. He never has any personal power. Mr. Biswas realizes that with money and possessions a person tends to have
Targeting African American Consumers: Maximizing The Influence Of Mass Media Through Mainstream Agencies
Targeting African American Consumers: Maximizing the Influence of Mass Media through Mainstream Agencies Introduction African Americans are a core group that influence trends in music, fashion, and television. Corporations ...
more power in society. Indeed, for Mr. Biswas owning a house serves as a symbol which illustrates his ability to realize a self-identity and gain personal power to take control of his life. Mr. Biswas is caught in the grasp of feudalism. He is trapped in the rigid class structure that controls his society. He is always listening to others and never makes decisions about his own life or well-being. Mr. Biswas is a “ ;wanderer with no place he
Targeting African American Consumers
Targeting African American Consumers: Maximizing the Influence of Mass Media through Mainstream Agencies By Earnell La’Shaun Seay December 4, 2000 Targeting African American Consumers: Maximizing the Influence of Mass Media ...
could call his own, with no family except that which he was to attempt to create out of the engulfing world of the Tulsis” ;(40). Hanuman House is the paradigm of the feudal society. It has a hierarchy and very strict social structure. The Gods, Seth , and Mrs. Tulsi serve as the hierarchy and rulers of Hanuman House. Everyone else is just another face in the mob of people who work to benefit the Tulsi’s while sacrificing their own well-being. Mr. Biswas doesn’t own anything that has much value. He has enough clothes to hang on a nail. By owning a house Mr. Biswas gains personal power - something that he never has- which allowed him to feel that he was important. He was able to live by his own rules , support his family, and do things for
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