Boys N The Hood Essay

Boys N The Hood Essay

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Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better All right, I'll go ahead and admit it... I am back on my kick about how women are depicted in film. I can't help it, the more movies I watch the more obvious the signs of stereotyping are to me. In the film Boyz n The Hood, we are introduced to some not so traditional female roles, but the overall message is still the same, women are not quite as good as
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men. As I read Michael Dyson's article, Between Apocalypse and Redemption: John Singleton's Boyz N The Hood, I found a wonderful point at which to start my tirade. First things first, Boyz N the Hood is one of my all time favorite movies. It shows a side of life that most caucasian individuals have never, and will never experience, but is universal enough in it's appeal, that no one ethnic group feels excluded. The lessons of pain and suffering
Little Red Riding Hood
have such a broad appeal that even the most sheltered individual can benefit from this movie ( as long as they can get past the violence .) What I found interesting about this film was the way in which women were portrayed. You have your beautiful, strong, and successful, black female, Reva, and Brenda, the poor black woman who was dealt all the bad hands in life. Each of these women possess noticeably different personalities, but neither one is portrayed
Movies about "da hood"
I have elected to take a closer look at movies that deal with the “ghetto” social institution. There have been several movies that attempt to depict the harshness of ...
as successful in handling the everyday business of raising a family. Dyson's article describes Boyz N the Hood to the T! As I sat reading the article I was engrossed in many of the topics that he brought out. I read through (and enjoyed) as he talked about black males struggle due to the lack of a male role model and his perspective on how people make the choices they do. The part that struck my attention the most,
Movies About “Ghetto”
I have elected to take a closer look at movies that deal with the “ghetto” social institution. There have been several movies that attempt to depict the harshness of growing ...
however, was when he talked about the interactions between mother and sons and father and sons. This is where it gets a little bit touchy for me. Lawrence Fishburn is throughout the movie portrayed as provider and care giver to Tre. His mother loved him, but the fact of the matter remained, she just couldn't handle him. Although Reva is given her scene while she and Furious are having dinner in a posh restaurant, she is still only a inferior
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figure in Tre's life. What she couldn't accomplish, Furious succeeds in doing in the end. I can go on and on about this scenario for hours, but I would like to take some time to discuss Brenda. Brenda is a very interesting character. She has managed
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