What's Under My Bed Essay

What S Under My Bed Essay

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Observing Paper (revision) February 9th, 2001 What’s Under my Bed? As I cleaned and rearranged my room one day, I slid my bed forward and found my childhood teddy bear. When I first saw him I could not believe I still had him. It looked much different than I remember. It was covered in dirt and grime. It smelled like a dusty, mildew-infested basement. I remembered the bear’s name ;his name was Horace. I named him after myself. Horace lay there on my floor ;his body stretched out twenty-four inches across my floor. He is wearing my old blue denim Oshkosh overalls. The overalls’ ;appearance reminds me of pants that had been run through the washer several hundred times. Atop Horace’s head are two half brown, half mocha, orange slice shaped ears. The right ear has an inch slit where a sliver of white thread hangs out. He has a large orange-peach head like a scrap of metal going through the first stages of oxidation. The soft fur on his head is hard and matted on the end where sticky candy used to lie. He has one small half marble, black eye on the right side. On the left side he has a hole where fluffy dirt colored cotton hangs out. The left side also has a dark brown spot ;the spot reminds me of a cartoon character with a black eye. Just under the left eye on his puffy, beige-colored cheek he has two dark brown freckles. In between his right eye, and left hole, he has a patch of hair missing, which reveals tightly threaded fish netting holding the stuffing inside. An inch below that is his flat, oval shaped nose. I can see teeth marks made by a teething Child. Horace’s head attaches directly to his torso ;there is no neck in between. There is an upside down beige triangle patch of fur top of his chest his chest. His upper body is dark brown, like the patch around his eye. The brown flows out to the outstretched, five-inch arms. It comes to an end at the last two inches of the arms where it changes to an orange-peach color again. His lower section is hidden in the overalls. The left leg of the overalls is cuffed just above the foot. The left foot is half orange-peach, and half beige. On the beige side there was a black, hard, dry, charred spot on the lower portion of his foot. The right leg is covered completely by the once-cuffed overalls. Over the many years the bear has been in my home, it still shows signs of being loved and having a friendship with me. There are no visible repairs and no serious damage. It has brought back many childhood memories, and still shows me love, compassion, and faithfulness.

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