Smoking Essay

Smoking Essay

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In the seventh grade I began to smoke cigarettes with my brother and a friend who introduced me to cigarettes. We smoke cigarettes in the morning before we get on the bus to go to school. I smoked cigarettes all through high school until my senior year, when I began to smoke black and milds (cigars). At that time I would not have said I was addicted, I just smoke to relieve my stress. Smoking tobacco products was the only hazard that damage my health. At that particular time I was introduced to other bad habits. It's been six years I've been smoking tobacco products and five years I've been smoking illegal products. I really haven't seen any change in me. People tell me I look different, some say I gained weight other say I lost weight, to me I look the same physically. Being though I know tobacco products could hurt your insides, I still smoke because of all the bad habits I'm use to.

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