Righard Wright Essay

Righard Wright Essay

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I believe Richard Wright's story, Native Son, is an effective narrative. Richard Wright believes in the immorality of oppression. He seems to beieve in the equality of men ant the value of demonstrating it in everyday actions. He used his book as a tool to vent his frustration, at the world that segregates negroes. His characters, themes and conflicts probably originate from his own experience of separatism. By using such a wide range of characters, he gives the readers who are not blacks esxperience. The main character of Native son, Bigger Thomas shows various aspects of human nature including actions motivated by fear quick temper, and a high degree of intelligence. Bigger whom the story revolves around portrays various personality elements through his actions. Many of his action suggest an overriding response to fear. Bigger commits a murder not in rage or anger, but as a reaction to fear. Fear from being caught in the act of doing something socially unacceptable and being the subject of punishment. Although he later admits to Max, that Mary Dalton's behavior toward him made him hate her. Mary Dalton wanted to treat others as equals, but her action make Bigger uncomfortable and he grows to resent her for her actions. It is not that hate which cause him to smother her to death, but a feeble attempt to evadethe detection of her mother. The fear of being caught with a white woman overwhelmed his common sense and dictated his action. Besides reactions to fear, his actions demonstrate an extremely quick temper and destructive impulse as an integral part of his nature. When the detective comes to ask bigger some questons, he plays stupid, and tells the man exactly what he want to hear. He also creates a ransom note to extort Mary's parents for money. To make the note even more convincing to dissuade blame from himself, Bigger signs the note with the communist symbol.
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