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Immigration In The U S Term paper

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This country is overwhelmed with illegal immigrants. The number of Mexicans that cross over the border grows every day. This is a serious strain on our economy. Today's society can not partake in the addition of these immigrants.

The definition of society states: A population living in the same geographic area who share a culture and a common identity and whose members are subject to the same political authority. If I was to compare the definition with the fact of immigrants living in our social economy, I would say it is wrong. Are we sharing a culture with the immigrants? I don't know, but I think that we as Americans have a different set of standards then do Mexicans. Mexicans do not share many of the common traits as do many of the citizens in the U.S.

My sociological perspective on this issue that faces us every day , is they don't belong. Our society relies on many different things, many of which immigrants don't understand. Immigrants have different norms than the society they join. Their social norms can affect them greatly on the way they live in their new culture. I know there are many different cultures in the U.S, but to add to them can't help any.

American children depend on our social economy and norms. Our children of the future have a definite scare on whether they will have the ability to receive a good paying job. With all these immigrants entering the U.S and having kids, they will begin to overload our

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