Catholic Schools Vs. Public Schools Essay

Catholic Schools Vs Public Schools Term paper

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Catholic Schools Vs. Public Schools
Many parents struggle over the important decision to either send their children to Catholic school or public school. Clearly, they should choose public school over any non-profit educational organization ...
Many parents struggle over the important decision to either send their children to Catholic school or public school. Clearly, they should choose public school over any non-profit educational organization concentrating on post-pubescent years in a childs life, especially Catholic installations. Catholic schools have less to offer children and parents on many levels, whereas public schools offer much more for much less. Furthermore, public schools have a much better reputation then Catholic institutions. According to
The Right To Pray
The Right to Pray School prayer has been an issue in the lives of many Americans since 1962 when the U.S. Supreme Court threw prayer out of public schools in ...
Jerry Bransby of Syracuse University, New York, Catholic schools cost more and produce less. A study conducted by Jerry Bransby between the years of 1980 to 1995 reinforces this fact. He took 100 students from Catholic school and 100 from public. There were other groups involved, but the main point is that when these two particular groups were compared, the public school students scored higher on standardized tests by 46% then those from Catholic school! Another
Public vs Private schooling
English 101.006 Professor Fraley October 2, 1998 Private vs. Public Education As American support for the public education system dwindles, many parents find the only place for their children ...
question answered from the same study was the likelihood of a student to continue his education to completion or degree of some kind. Bransby noted that 60% from Catholic school and nearly 81% from public actually finished post-high school education. With these numbers varying so much, one cannot help but wonder why? Bransby concluded that there were several differences in Catholic and public schools. Catholic schools tend to be more repressive,
Public Vs. Private Schools - Which Is Best For A Child
David Graham 11/9/94 Public Vs. Private Schools Which is best for a child? Every parent wants what is best for their child. Though parents do not have control ...
having stricter rules and guidelines then the public installations. Some of these include the wearing of uniforms and the anal regulation of behavior. Public schools are fairly lax and welcome individualism. The students are taught to be unique and inventive. Their creativity is harnessed (in theory) instead of punished as in the Catholic school world. Is this enough to create such diverse conclusions in the realms of Catholic and public schools? According
Separation Of Church And State
Separation of Church and State The principle of separation between Religion and government was a part of America s history for many centuries. The influence of religion on humankind can ...
to Suzanne Holbrook of Carnegie Mellon University, Pennsylvania, yes, but these are not the only affecting factors. The Catholic teacher screening process is somewhat lax. The teachers from public schools generally have a higher degree in their area of expertise then in Catholic installations. Parents literally do pay more for less! Another conclusive fact from a smaller study conducted by Holbrook, was that public school offered more electives, more diverse classes, and subjects taught
Separation Of Church and State
Separation Of Church and State Presently in America there are serious concern about issues dealing with the church and the state. The main issue ...
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