Modern Technology Essay

Modern Technology Essay

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Modern Technology Nobody likes to get lost going to an important place. Last year I had an interview with the Mc-Graw Hill Company in San Francisco, and the night before the interview I made sure of the directions to the company. However, the next day when I drove out to the Company, the construction workers blocked off the exit ramp and I had to use the next exit. Not knowing my way around the city, I made a wrong turn and ended up near the pier. That day I wish I had a navigator in my car ;I would have wasted no time getting to my interview. Like the navigator, several modern technologies have been successful in improving the quality of life around the world. Many recent improvements in the quality of life are enhanced by attributed to advances in computer technology, such as the Internet. Using the Internet can allow a person to browse through different sites containing any subject. For example, going on line to find information about how to cook or looking for a recipe is found on the Internet. In additional to finding recipes, the Internet is a useful guide for finding information on research related topics. During late hours when the library is not accessible, this helpful tool is a great way to look for research materials. Another useful item about the Internet is the technology of e-mail and on-line chat rooms. When a person goes into a chat room they can talk to their family members across the country. As a result the families saves money on long distance phone bill. With the Internet technology, it has improved the life of many people around the world, by convenient ways to retrieve information and by contacting family and friends across the country. Modern technology has improved the quality of life with advances in satellite images. The technology of television has improved to digital picturing, which uses a different frequency. With this new improvement, results in shaper images and clearer sounds. In the near future, all of television will use digital frequency for better reception. Other uses for satellite imaging include video and audio conferencing. With digital images and sound, the Head Corporation can have meetings with the smaller division offices on monitors, instead of traveling to their destination. Therefore, the company can save time and money. Not only this advance has changed how the corporation held their meetings, but it also improved the client and customer relationship. The modern inventions, such as computer technology and satellite images, have improved the quality of life ;but in the near future as the electric car becomes more popular, this will improve the way we live. Currently, the three companies that make electric cars are Honda, Toyota, and General Motors. As soon as these companies produce more electric cars, this will replace gasoline cars, as a result of this improvement will make the air less polluted and environment friendly. Because when a car runs on fuel, the engine produces a harmful exhaust gas that pollutes the environment. But, the recent advances in electric cars eliminate the many disadvantages of gasoline cars. In addition, an electric car can go the same distance as a gasoline car without stopping for gas. As the electric car becomes more popular, it will lead to cleaner air, with the outcome of better health and quality of life. All of these technologies have the affected the way of life in the world today. As modern technologies improve in many different fields, the quality of life will improve along with it. Whether it is new technologies replacing the old ones or the old inventions serving as the bases for new advancements, they will all influence the way people live, by making them healthier or allowing them to explore the world from their home. Bibliography an essay on modern technology and it influence

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