If I Won The Lottery Essay

If I Won The Lottery Essay

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If I Won The Lottery
If I won the lottery, I would choose to remain in my condominium and do some remodeling. The room that I have the most plans for is my daughters room. ...
If I won the lottery, I would choose to remain in my condominium and do some remodeling. The room that I have the most plans for is my daughters room. First, I would paint the walls and woodwork. I want to the bottom half of the walls pink and the top half white with a chair rail border to divide the two colors. Then I would put in a cushioned window seat with a builtin bookcase on each side, going
Should Continue State Lottery
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from ceiling to floor. The window seat would store her endless supply of toys and stuffed animals while the bookcases would house her books and such. Finally, I would get new carpet matching bedding, curtains, and pictures. The rest of the condo just needs a few minor, but expensive, details: tile for the guest bath, kitchen, and foyer floor. Paint and wallpaper for the dining and living room areas, pictures, coffee and end tables, a desk, and a new dining
An Economic Intrepration Of The Lottery
Economics is a way of life: The Lottery is not A lottery is something that many people would be very excited to win. Most people think of a huge ...
room set. I am sure that if I won the lottery, I would come up with many more ideas for my home, but with all the money I would have, there would be plenty of time to do them all.
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