Political Cartoon Analysis Essay

Political Cartoon Analysis Essay

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Political Cartoon Analysis I. LITERAL MEANINGS: A. Caption: “The Picture That Will Be Remembered” B. Picture: Elian being taken away from family in Miami C. Caption: “The One That Should Be” D. Picture : Elian with his father II. FIGURATIVE MEANINGS: A. Amazed and shocked public B. Sorrow and sadness C. That should have been the picture to be remembered after all the conflicts experienced over Elian D. Happiness and Joy III. GIST: This political cartoon is about the unexpected removal of Elian Gonzalez from his relative’s house in Miami. The S.W.A.T. team came running into the house with guns and left Elian to have to be removed from the house crying, and because this was such a dramatic experience, this will be the thing remembered over all the other issues. Including a picture of him with his father smiling and it looks like he is having fun. IV. MY OPINION/WHY: I agree with this political cartoon because I myself was amazed as to what kind of drastic measures were used to remove Elian. I’m sure they needed that many men to get through the protesters, but to get a little kid is just crazy. Elian is probably traumatized for the rest of his life because of this big ordeal. The good thing is that this conflict is coming to an end, but I hate to see it end in such a bad way. It seems to me that this was a robbery in some kind of way, because they used unnecessary force to break into the house and took something that did not belong to them. The picture with him and his father smiling will be little neither noted nor long remembered. It is sad to see all the pictures of Elian on the newspaper, where it shows an officer removing the crying child from some of his relatives that he deeply loved.

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