Computer Privacy Essay

Computer Privacy Essay

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Computer Privacy In the information technology world today there is a problem that can ruin a company. Bad publicity and finger pointing usually precede the problem. After this the federal government steps in and regulates things. The problem I am referring to is computer privacy. This issue was non existent a few years ago however with the proliferation of computer use and Internet access the privacy of end users is suddenly becoming a hot topic. This is not a new issue as advertisers have used databases with anonymous user information for years. Many of the major credit reporting agencies actually sell this information to companies. Most people have often felt there was nothing they could do about it so it continued. In the information technology age however, anyone with a computer and reasonable intelligence can access any information they want about any person they choose. Suddenly an accepted practice has become a cause for concern. Customers are becoming more aware of their rights as consumers and requesting that companies not use their information in any type of market analysis. The solution to the problem appears to be making the customer aware that their information is being used and to show them how anonymous the information really is. However, this may not be enough to stem the tide of privacy policy sentiment. Consumers and politicians alike are up in arms over the presumed lack of privacy on computers. So even though companies are trying their best to educate the customer it is probably not sufficient to stem government agencies from involving themselves in the regulation of consumer information that is gleaned from computers and the internet. This of course will give people a false sense of security and keep lawmakers in business for many years to come. Of course this is not just a problem in the United States. In foreign countries abroad they are also trying to regulate the kind of information that is gathered and how it is used. This of course will cause problems between U.S. companies and foreign companies. The only real solution to the problem is for consumers to exercise their rights and stop relying on government intervention for help.

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