Ivf Essay

Ivf Essay

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IVF is a technological development design to assist couples who are physically infertile and wanting a child. The IVF treatment was originally designed to assist or treat parents unable to conceive naturally. Why should it now be made available to those who chose not to become pregnant the natural way. Although preventing single woman and lesbian from having access to IVF treatment can be seen as an intrusion of theirs right but the main issue here is the child’s right’s. A child deserves to have a father and mother. Families are struggling to stay together, as it is in our society, it would be putting that child at a disadvantage to start life without one. A father role is very much important as a mother’s in a child’s life. A mother does best at being a mother and a father does best at being a father. One can not in anyway fully compensate for the other, you can not say that having just one is better than both, You want the child to growing up having the maximum opportunity and the best way for this is having a mother and a father. Both father and mother contribute different and essential things to the child as it grows up and the child can then experienced both side of female and male. How would a gay couple or single parent provide both? . It is true that there are many families now in which one parent has died or there has been a divorce, but these are tragedies we should not be setting out to deliberately create tragedies. Also there is an important difference between being fatherless as a result of divorce or death and a child who never intended to have a father. This will have a great impact on the child who never have and never will know their father. Having a father in a child’s life is very important and necessary. First of all parenting is a difficult job and a mother needs the help and support of a father. Children from single parent households are more likely to live in poverty than those from two parent families so there is a need for both parent to ensure the best possible start for new born life. The reason that it takes a male and a female to create a new human is because both are also required to raise the child until it can take care for itself. Another reason is that our society is already has too many children not growing up with both male & female parents now without having to bring more of them into the world. For centuries the ideal family is with a mother and father and unfortunately divorce is becoming more common these days, so if we allow this to continue we will further loose the value of the traditional way of a family. Anther issue here is that the males of our society. Are they going to be made redundant? Are we putting forward the message that men are not important anymore? Woman choosing to raise children through IVF is sending a message to their children including sons, that fatherhood is irrelevant. Are these the women we want raising the next generation of Australian’s. As well as mothers fathers is vital to a child’s upbringing so let's not further devalue the role of fathers in our children's lives. IVF was for the couples that were unable to conceive children in the normal way. If we allow single women and gay groups access to the IVF system it would not only cost more, but also slowing down the process for those who are physically infertile. These people have chose not to have a child the natural way so other people shouldn’t have to wait because of this. IVF is a wonderful invention of mankind for the benefit of those who cannot have children in the normal way. The waiting list is long, if we allow 'anyone' access will the list grow even longer? By the time you reach the top you are then old for the program and have wasted your entire life without a child of your own. So inclusion I think the issue here the the child’s right and not anyone’s else .all the people who selfishly thinks it their right should stop and think about others who will be affected by this actions, in this case it is the Child. What can possibly be more important than making sure that whatever happens it is the children’s best interests that determine the decision we make. We cannot afford to let the children’s interests become lost in a world full of people screaming out their right to do as they please.

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