Prostitution Essay

Prostitution Essay

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Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience that prostitution should be legal. Introduction I. Open with Impact: If Ann Landers is for prostitution, then how far out can the notion be? II. Thesis: The legalization of prostitution could help lower taxes, help balance the budget, clean up the streets, combat dangerous street-sex practice, lower the rate of rape, lower organized crime, and make illegal and underage sex inaccessible to minors. III. Connect: This may seem like improbable biased propaganda, but the facts will be unveiled. Body (Preview: Today I am going to talk to you about why the government should legalize prostitution. First, I am going to talk about where it's legal, then I am going to speak about the problem of suppressing prostitution, then I am going to tell you about pimps abusing the prostitutes, and finally I will speak about making the streets safer. Main Point #1: Legalization of prostitution is an idea that has been tried in the real world. A. 13 out of 16 counties in Nevada have legalized prostitution. B. In 1949, the United Nation adopted a resolution in favor of legalizing prostitution. (Signpost: Now that I have spoken about legal prostitution, I will talk about the problem. Main Point #2: By maintaining the illegality of prostitution, we are only masking a problem that will always be there. A. Defense attorney Nedra Ruiz said that 7 million dollars a year spent by police to suppress prostitution is a “total waste of money.” B. Cities spend an average of 7.5 million dollars on prostitution control every year. (Signpost: Now that you know about the problem, I will tell you about some prostitute abuse. Main Point #3: With government regulation of prostitution, the prostitutes would no longer be controlled by pimps, who frequently abuse them, and profit from them. (Signpost: Now I am going to talk about regulating prostitution to make the streets safer. Main Point #4: If the government regulated prostitution, they would not have to solicit sex on street corners, thereby making it safer. Conclusion I. Summarize: In conclusion, prostitution should be legalized. A. The legalization of prostitution has been tried and it has been proven that it works. B. Whether it's legal or not, prostitution will always exist. C. By regulating prostitution, there will no longer be pimps. D. The streets would be safer if prostitution is legalized. II. Close with Impact: Instead of spending millions of dollars fighting prostitution, we could earn millions of dollars by supporting the industry. References 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

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