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Violence in Media Every minute of ever day, someone is a victim of violence. Everyday, members of society are attacked or violently acted upon while going to work, going to school, going out socially, and many people are victims of violence within our own home. When pondering the sources of violence in our society, many reasons for such actions come to mind. One may say violence is simply an unavoidable part of human nature. One may say that people bring themselves into danger perpetuating a violent scenario. It is also a popular opinion to blame media as the culprit for violence in our society. And though the media may relate to the public what occurs within itís own society, or cater to the public with violent entertainment, the media, itself, is not to blame for the violence in our society. It has been in the during the twentieth century that forms and influences of the media have expanded and gained popularity as technology progressed. And though there were effective forms of media prior to the twentieth century, never had the media had the expanse or power that it does today. Before mass publication, radio, and television, people were relatively free of the media in relation to the people of today, and still people took part in and were victims of violence. When pondering the issue of societyís violence in relation to the media, it may be best to ponder the issue of the mediaís violence in relation to the society. All forms of media are developed within the society that they exist in ;therefore the movies, the television, the newspapers, and radio shows are products of the society. Violent movies are representations of someoneís, or a group of peopleís ideas, ideas that form with in our society. It is reasonable to see that the media is not some giant entity that is at large in our society. All people contribute to the media it is the people within the society that choose to watch the violent television shows, read the tabloids, pay to see the movies. Considering these points, it is quite east to conclude that violence in society is not caused by the media, but by the people and culture within it. Bibliography Self

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