Labor Turnover - Advantages and Disadvantages Essay

Labor Turnover Advantages And Disadvantages Essay

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As any other thing the labour turnover has its advantages and disadvantages. The labour turnover has a large list of disadvantages ,and where there is a large rate of this affect it results in a serious sign of unstability that is caused by employees leaving their jobs maybe because of lack of job satisfaction or bad management. Due to this results the company managemeant must stop and think seriously what is happening and what can be done to improve. Another disadvantage is when the employees leave and have to be replaced by others, to recruit new staff and give the necessary training may be very costly to the company because the production will decreased during this time. This may result as an unaccounted expense. Another disadvantage is the bad image of the company because when there is a lot of labour turnover there will be less people who will apply within the company.

Some advantages of labour turnover are that unwanted employees who are not doing their job well or do not fit for post, the firm can dismiss them because if the targets are not reached the company does not need inefficient employees. With this labour turnover the company will start with enthusiastic employees who are willing to do their job well and can increase production. From previous labour turnover the management can learn from these experiences and so can do and take actions to improve the standards of the firm.

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