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The Hero S Journey Term paper

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There are eight steps a person must take to become a hero, most noticably an epic hero, in Greek Mythology. These eight steps are the call, the threshold, the challenges, the abyss, the transformation, the revelation, the atonement, and the return. The hero's invitation to adventure can lead to the opportunity to face the unknown or gain some valuable experience. The hero must pass through the threshold to begin his journey, encountering the threshold guardian--something that guides and helps him with useful info/advice/items to continue his quest. Athena is often shown as the threshold guardian. The challenges come one after the other and get harder along the way. The big challenge in the story is the Abyss, the challenge that brings on the transformation. The hero becomes changed--emotionally, mentally, etc. He then begins to realize how the transformation will change his life. Then the hero is enlightened, and returns to the palace where he/she started with a gift or a prize.

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