Why did the Mau-Mau choose violence rather than peaceful protest? Essay

Why Did The Mau Mau Choose Violence Rather Than Peaceful Protest Essay

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GCSE history Coursework on Kenya
Why did Kenyans want independence? There is one main reason why Kenya wanted independence and this is because of the land ownership ban on growing coffee in 1910. This act ...
Kenyans had started the protest against British rule in the 1920's and back then it was peaceful enough but a generation later in the 1950's their children had kept the protest up but they had become violent through the Mau-Mau was a secret terrorist organisation in Kenya. Comprising chiefly members of the Kikuyu tribe. In 1952 the Mau-Mau began bloody reprisals against the Europeans. By 1956 British troops had driven the Mau-Mau into the hills, and later the entire Kikuyu tribe was relocated. The uprising against British rule in Kenya had begun in 1952 after a long build-up of resentment caused primarily by appropriation of land. Before the rebellion was crushed three years later, 11,000 rebels had been killed, and 80,000 members of the Kikuyu ethnic group had been confined in detention camps. Although it was a military failure, the rebellion began a process that eventually led to Kenya's independence.

There were various reasons for the Mau-Mau to use violence. The English were very reluctant to leave Kenya because they were enjoying the land the profit they were making and the good and high quality lifestyle etc. The Mau-Mau started to get impatient and frustrated with the lack of progress with peaceful protests so they felt a strong message was needed and their violence sent this message. To threaten and kill African Blacks working for any white settlers whether it be on land labour or anything else. The purpose for this being to scare the other African Blacks who were working for white settlers into not working for them because they would see what would happen to them if they carried working for the white they would get killed. They killed 8000 Africans civilians and 32 whites! If this were successful the white settlers in majority would have no labour and would eventually drive them out and giving back the land to the Kenyans. They would have also killed people if they did not like the Mau-Mau or did not want to join it. This is how they got so big and intimidating. Revenge could have been another reason why the Mau-Mau used violence. The revenge would be upon the British for what they have done to the Kenyans i.e. by stealing the Kenyans high quality land such as the ''White Highlands'', along with the lifestyles of money and growing good crops whilst living in such places, the low wages and leading into making Kenyan families suffer because of the low income they had troubles feeding themselves and they couldn't grow their food because the British were the only ones allowed to grow and produce goods. The Mau-Mau were getting more and more impatient because they saw how the Kikuyu's efforts and Jomo Kenyatta's efforts to obtain independence peacefully was not working and they saw how in India that even after all of Gandhi's passive protesting when violence broke out in the end it led towards their achieving independence. They also saw how Ghana obtained independence through peaceful protesting but the Mau-Mau had reached its peak in impatience so they though the only way of gain independence were through violence.

Discrimination was also significant, there was an immense difference in Kenyan wages in comparison with Indians and Europeans in Kenya. There was also a huge difference in the amount of money spent on Kenyan children when compared to Indians and Europeans in Kenya. This led to Kikuyu opening there own schools, which led to the children learning about African pride, which led to the 'Mau Mau' being formed, Kipande was also another source of discrimination, it was also humiliating for Kenyans. There was also the fact that there was no African representation of any sort, the British had

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