Investigating the Number of Turns on the Secondary coil of a Transformer Essay

Investigating The Number Of Turns On The Secondary Coil Of A Transformer Term paper

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EMF Investigation
Planning Aim and hypotheses         According to Fleming's Rule, electricity is generated when movement occurs in the magnetic field. Alternatively, switching direction of the magnetic field also works. Alternating ...



††††††††††† In this experiment I intend to investigate how altering the number of turns on the secondary coil of a transformer can alter the voltage output.† To do this I will use a power pack with an alternating current with an expected voltage of around 2 volts.† I will wire this up to a digital voltmeter in parallel to give me the exact voltage output of the supply and also to a primary coil of the transformer with 10 turns of wire wound around it.† The primary coil will be wound around a laminated soft iron core (the lamination prevents eddy currents from developing) and this will provide the link between the primary and secondary coil.† The secondary coil will have a number of turns between 1 and 50 but I will alter the number of turns in order to investigate the change in the voltage, I will record both the number of turns and also the voltage output as read by a digital voltmeter.


Fair Test

S- I will keep the input supply and the number of turns on the supply the same

A- I will alter the number of turns of wire on the secondary coil

M- I will measure the output voltage from the second coil.


††††††††††† Faradayís law states that: ďThe induced e.m.f in a wire is dependent upon the rate of the Ďchange of fluxí The magnetic field around the primary will remain constant and alternating at the same speed throughout the experiment, as the number of coils and the input supply will remain constant, therefore the more coils of wire that are cut by the alternating current, the greater the secondary voltage that will be induced. This is because the lines of flux cut more wire.

Background Knowledge

††††††††††† I know that an alternating current is required to induce a current using a primary coil in a secondary coil.† This is because the alternating current creates a constantly alternating magnetic field around the laminated soft iron core.† This change in the magnetic field is responsible for the induced current in the secondary. I also know that the laminated soft iron core whilst not being vital for the operation of the transformer, increases efficiency by reducing eddy currents

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