A Few good men Essay

A Few Good Men Essay

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Courtroom drama is a popular type of film which involves at least one trial and pin points much of the emotion and tension within a court of law . "A Few Good Men" is an emotional story of two military men accused of killing a young soldier . Tom Cruise play's Danny Kaffe , the smart mouth defense lawyer , and Demi Moore play's Joe Galloway , his nosy special council . The movie starts of by showing us the plot and then begins to tell the story . Compared to other movies with the same genre , I'd have to say this is one of the best . It was boring at times but it did it's best to show action through words . The music is very soft and sets the mood . It gives the viewers a tingling feeling inside . It's not only the music that makes the movie a success, it's also the acting . Tom Cruise makes himself seem like a no brain marine . That makes him perfect for the job . Demi Moore plays a tough but sexy naval officer (I always liked a women who takes charge) . She always wanted things done her own way . She originally ask for the case but was denied , because they wanted someone who would screw up . The lighting and camera angles in the courtroom does a lot , they make sure to stay on top of the people's faces , so we as viewers won't get mixed up with who's talking . The main thing that really made the movie was Tom Cruise , when he got up their and put on a show , that I think nobody will forget . He does his hotshot act and this is when we knew he was going to do it . He put smiles on people's faces , he put tears in your eyes , he made sure to win the audiences attention . He made sure to go out with a bang . This movie received fairly good reviews . Some comments weren't that great , but still it was a good movie . The film reviews state that this movie eliminates the element of surprise . They told us what he's going to do and instead of not succeeding , his plan does work. It had the potential to be better but "the film doesn't make us work , doesn't allow us to figure out things for ourselves , it's afraid we'll miss something if they're not spelled out" (Roger Ebert) . That's true movies tend to get boring if we can't us our brains to try to figure things out . The reviews are very picky , but do get to the point. It's a very predictable but effective movie that tried it's best to please all the different genre of viewers. "When the time comes for the big courtroom scene , we realize that it steals the pleasure in two ways : (1) We are not allowed to discover Cruise's strategy for ourselves , and (2) Nicholson s (The crown Attorney) behavior seems scripted and inevitable , and is robbed of shock value" (Roger Ebert) . Personally I'd have to say that the movie was well written and the acting was pretty good (I wouldn't give it two thumbs up) . The film did lack some action , but who am I to judge a film that doesn't really fit into my genre . I like action movies , but for a drama film , I kinda got into it. I really liked Demi Moore's performance , she really know how to handle sticky situations . Tom Cruise doesn't really impress me , he always tries to pull hotshot acts. He doesn't have to show of in every movie . Everybody knows he's a good actor. The best part of the movie had to be when Tom Cruise is in the courtroom and showing everybody up (this doesn't mean I like him) . That's when you could feel victory inside. The music was pumping , and the crowd was going wild , and the viewers were just thinking the words "oh my God ! " . I'm really glad I choose to watch this film , I really enjoyed to watch it . In conclusion I'd have to say that I really did enjoy this film even if it wasn't my genre . One thing I learned from this is never judge a movie by it's cover . You will never know if it's going to be a good movie or not.

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