nuclear power's benifeit Essay

Nuclear Power S Benifeit Essay

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Nuclear Power's Benifeit
The question of energy use in the world is one which posses many conflicting views. There are so many different arguments that my personal view is one that changes with ...
The question of energy use in the world is one which posses many conflicting views. There are so many different arguments that my personal view is one that changes with every article I read. In the most recent readings regarding nuclear power and its pros and cons I have been led to the opinion that nuclear energy is necessary to the survival of a world that has an increasing need for energy. The world’s fossil fuels will eventually diminish or become way too expensive due to supply and demand. I feel it is vital to research nuclear energy so when the time dawns the situation will be in a stable and advanced stage. The article by Bertram Wolf supporting nuclear energy had some good points in it. He explains that there is a growing need for energy and at the same time oil and other fossil fuels are depleting. For now fossil fuels satisfy the present but will not be able to do the same in the future. The assumption has been made that the worlds oil supply will last from 35-84 years based on whether they can find more deposits. It’s in our best interests to search for alternate sources of energy and we have definitely advanced in nuclear energy despite all the criticism and controversy. There are those who are stuck on the nuclear nightmares and horror stories of the past that it makes nuclear research unfavorable. Nuclear accidents like the one at Chernobyl and Three Mile Island are lessons to be learned from not reasons to boycott nuclear power. In the reading in the text it stated that nuclear plants cause 6,000 premature deaths vs. the 65,000 to 200,000 deaths per year caused by coal burning plants. On another level nuclear energy has
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