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The House Fly The housefly is a very widely known insect. To most people it is just a pest. To many insects, it is a source of food. In many ways the housefly is a pest, but in many others ways it is beneficial. The fly has a head, thorax, and abdomen. It is furry with big compound eyes. Its 2 wings are so thin you can see the veins in them. It has a sucking mouth part. It is black with gray stripes, and on the side are air holes called spiracles. These are used for breathing. The fly is located everywhere except for extreme temperature places. It will eat any food or garbage. It even eats poo. They carry diseases such as malaria. It lays them when it lands on something. There are 4 stages of life. First the adult female will lay up to 250 eggs at once in the water or on the ground. Then the larva, called maggots, hatches from the egg. They just eat so they can grow. Then come the pupa. It goes inside a cocoon for 3-6 days. It gradually looses it’s outer skin. Then when it is done it becomes an adult fly. It will live for about 3-4 weeks during the summer. Now it will find a mate and reproduce sexually. Then the cycle will begin again. I think that the fly is very important for the other insects that eat it and survive off of it. But I also think, like most people, that the fly is one of the most annoying insects ever.

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