genetic engineering Essay

Genetic Engineering Essay

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Genetic Engineering Genetic engineering is the process of manipulating and collecting a known quantity of genes from a known source, opening the recipient DNA at the desired point in the linkage. Then combining the strand of a known sequence of DNA with the recipient DNA of living organisms. The protein factories then synthesize the anticipated product, which can be used for any number of purposes. For example, human genes can be transferred to bacteria and bacterial genes to plants. The genes selected for transfer usually code for a single, useful protein like insulin. Some code for a useful set of enzymes like the ones needed for nitrogen fixation in cyanobacteria. The pros for genetic engineering are biotechnology companies were able to mass-produce proteins that could not be easily obtained such as insulin and vaccines. Another good thing would be the cloning of cattle so more people that are poor could have meat at a cheaper price. This would be because of mass production causing prices to fall. Scientists could turn animals into factories to make drugs in their milk and blood. All these are pros of genetic engineering on how it would be helpful to the human race. Some of the cons of genetic engineering are that the defense department is using genetic engineering to make biological weapons. Using biological weapons could kill many people and start a war. Another bad thing would be genetically altering humans, which would mean making a clone of yourself. Scientists are not sure if the clone would come out normal so they would be taking people lives. All these are cons of genetic engineering and how it would be harmful to the human race. My opinion on genetic engineering would be that it should only be used for helping the people. For example, making proteins and vaccines because you would have more medicine to cure more people. In a way it doesn't bother me using it as a weapon but as long as they find a way to cure people just in case it is used the wrong way. A reason I don't like it is because I wouldn't want a clone of myself walking around pretending to be me when its really not. This is my opinion on genetic engineering. There are many uses for genetic engineering. Some are good and some are bad, but you can't always have something that works out good every time. Scientists are using genetic engineering to do many things just to experiment its effects. The military is using it for a weapon in the defense of the United States. There are so many different uses for genetic engineering it would be better to just leave it alone, but that's not up to me.

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genetic engineer essay
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Genetic engeneering essay
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