issue paper Essay

Issue Paper Essay

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Issue paper In the two thousand presidential elections there are two main candidates. The candidates are Al Gore and Governor George W Bush. Al Gore is the candidate running for the Democratic Party and Bush is running for the Republic party. Each candidate has great points on certain issues. The president whom won my vote though, was Governor Bush. Bush won my vote for many reasons. Some of his feelings for certain issues met in agreement with mine. His main mentor is his father. He is governor, so he definitely has the leadership skills needed to be president. His tax cut plan seems to be highly intelligent. He feels that it is important to cut taxes to lessen government spending and to keep economy growing. He pledges to cut one point three trillion dollars for everyone. The best part being is that George wants to cut taxes for people of every class. He has what seems to be a great social security plan, which is to not cut social security for senior citizens. Bush doesnít even want to think of touching set aside money for social security. He wants to give younger workers the option to invest some of their contributions. According to George, his first priority is education. He wants to assist education any which way he can to increase its efficiency. He feels that the government should give schools more stately freedom. Governor Bush has a list of principles to better schools, some of which are: having measurable goals, regular testing, accountability, local control, and competition. He applied this principle to Texas where he is govenor and the results are incredible. Gore did not win my vote. He didnít win it for a few reasons. He is the vice- president ;this is proof that he definitely has the experience. He wants to bring more government into peopleís lives. He feels it is trully necessary. Alís first priority is campaign-finance reform. He feels that it needs many adjustments, for there are so many flaws in the old laws that contain it. Al wants to reduce the cost of campaigns, restore the faith of the people, and eliminate the influence of special interests and more. He offers great ideas but this shouldnít be his first priority. For social security he feels the system should be kept the same and have Uncle Sam fund extra retirement plans for the working class. He has many propositions of how to save the social security fund. Some of his propositions are ;to devote all social security surpluses to social security, oppose efforts to raise the retirement age, three: improving fairness to widows, to create retirement savings plus accounts, which are tax-free accounts that are maintained by private financial institutions, and more. This shows he wants more government involvement. For his tax plan it seems that he wants to pick only certain people to give assistance to and neglect the others. Some categories he has chosen to help out are ;Working families caring for children and aging parents, for educational purposes, Family liabilities, retirements, low-income communities, and more. My vote is for Bush, and stands firm. I like Gores tax plan a little better, but Bushís whole outlook seems more beneficial to me. I donít like Clinton too much and I feel that if we do get Gore as president it is just like reelecting Clinton. Gore has some good ideas but his wanting for more government involvement made him lose my vote. Overall Bush has better plans and ideas in-which government assistance is not needed.

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