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The author Isabel Allende portrays a little girl named Clara who recalls her deceased uncle, Uncle Marcos. Clara reminiscently recalls all of his existence during her life, though out the story. She remembers how when he would spend time with their family and brought formaldehydyed animals and equipment for his experiments. During his stay he would perform experiments and he also went around town playing an barrel organ. Uncle Marcos had left for a trip and when he came back with a massive bird that he needed to construct. Once he had done so, the hole town gathered to watch Uncle Marcos fly it over the mountains. After he had taken off on his expedition and people could not behold him, they all assumed that he had died by crashing into the mountains. But Clara was the only one who believed that he was still alive and insudently he was. So he stayed with Clare’s family, until he went on his last expedition. But this time “...Marcos had returned from his last journey in a coffin.” Uncle Marcos’ character is one of a bright alchemy scientist but also one of a usually person. He is an impassive person that doesn’t get bothered by things. This shows true when “Marco sank into a deep depression that lasted two or three days...” Uncle Marcos is an unpredictable man that some people would call psychotic because of his behavoirs in this story. This includes the time when he tries to build a flying machine and fly it over the mountians. I feel that Uncle Marcos is an exstatic person like this because of his lonelyness and that he is doing all of this for more or less attention and not so much for the science.

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