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Smoking After reading the article "Whose lungs are they, anyway?" by Janet Singleton, I was able to determine the proposal at issue. The issue in this article is about why people decide to smoke and who s responsible for making hat decision. Should we put the blame one the tobacco industry or is it just people's own decision to smoke? The position I stand in is I feel that the tobacco industry should not be held responsible for smokers' decision to smoke. I feel this way because the tobacco industry doesn't force anyone to start smoking, that the smokers are made choice by themselves. Regarding the author's position of whether the tobacco industry or the people themselves should be responsible for people that decide to start smoking, the author places the responsibility on the people themselves. The reason why the author doesn't hold the tobacco industry is that there have been as many attempts to warn people about the negative affects of smoking as the tobacco industry advertises their product. In addition, she states that it's silly that a cartoon camel character actually inspires teenage smoking. Also, she lets us know that she grew up surrounded by smokers, even though this is so, she kept not to smoke, a decision made she made. I find myself standing on the author's side. However, I do have my disagreements with some of the author's reasoning. First, I would like to point out the area where I agree with the author. That is, I also feel that no matter how hard the tobacco industry try to influence us the use their product, at the end it is still the decision made by people. The cigarette companies don't shove cigarettes in our mouths. I do also agree that many kids take up smoking because they are under nurture and under educated. The one reason that I find myself disagreeing on is that the kids don't influenced by the atmosphere they grow up in. Just because she was not influenced her family of smokers doesn't mean that other kids won't. In my life experience, I have noticed that many of my friends that smoke has parents who smoke. That means kids are very easily influenced in the environment they grow up in. The main reason why I take on the author's position is that I do feel that we have done everything we could to let everyone know of the negative affects of smoking cigarettes. Yet, many people still decide to smoke. I feel that the things we needed to do to turn people away from smoking has already been done, and if people still decide to smoke, then there is nothing else we could do. So, when it comes down to who is responsible for people who decide to smoke, I put that on the people who make that decision. If people could see the logic behind my reason on taking this position, we can stop pointing fingers at who or what is causing people to take up smoking. We can continue to nurture, and educate the young about smoking, which is the more important issue. That matters because it can prevent the younger generation from smoking. In addition, cigarettes will soon be a forgotten item.

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