Wisdom Essay

Wisdom Essay

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Wisdom, in my opinion is “The knowing of many things”. Wisdom is what all people should strive for during their entire life. For being wise is having the power of knowing and judging what is right and good, you have the power to discern what you should and should not do. You can look at situations in life and have the wisdom to know what you should do. Wisdom is the development of things learned in the past. Whether this is learned by experience or from the experience of others, it is a collection of knowledge. An example of someone with exceeding wisdom would be Solomon, when Solomon became king, God asked him what he wanted, and Solomon was quite smart when he asked for wisdom. God granted his desire for wisdom, and he became the most intelligent king that ever lived. His finances exceeded anything you could ever imagine. He had piles of silver at the end of the streets in the city because there was not enough storage for it all. He lived a long and very prosperous life, and ruled Israel with authority and he was very respected by all. Anything that he was faced with, he knew what to do, and when he didn’t he knew where to find out from, he would turn to God and he would show him direction in what to do. So obviously I think it is very important to get all of the wisdom possible. So to sum up what I think wisdom is, it is learning from the past, and the present to know where to go in the future, it will help to give direction and help make important decisions.

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