School violence Essay

School Violence Essay

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Eng. 105-Gordon Problem: Violence in schools around the nation is a serious problem. It includes gang activity, theft, bullying and intimidation, and the use of guns and other weapons. The total number of crimes committed in public schools has risen to close three million each year. In fact, according to the National Crisis Victimization Survey Report, conducted in 1999, about 9 percent of all students were victimized at least once during a six-month period. Although violence is a problem in any setting, the problem is compounded when it pertains to schools ;it not only hinders the educational process, but also creates unnecessary burden on children. Proposed Solution: The use of the National Government's budget surplus to fund law enforcement for nationwide public school districts on a permanent basis. Although it would be costly, this measure would allow local law enforcement to safeguard schools in their respective districts. Depending on the size of each district, size of the school, and severity of crime in the school, officers would be assigned on either a permanent or rotating basis to maintain as safe an environment as possible. Justification: As of now, other proposals and acts designed to prevent violence in schools have not worked as well as planned. Existing measures such as suspension or expulsion have not been a serious threat to perpetrators of crime. In addition, the majority of schools in the public schooling systems are adverse to more extreme forms violence prevention such as corporal punishment. Although it would be costly to local and state government agencies, the federal budget surplus would be able to provide annual compensation for the proposed solution. Because the future of the nation lies in the hands of the children, they should be able to receive an education without fear and unnecessary burden.

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