Panda and China Essay

Panda And China Essay

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In different worldwide events such as Olympics and Expo people always find it irresistible to focus their attention on various delightful mascots. These beautiful and glamorous creatures are loved and revered by their civilians for their unique features and dispositions. For instance, the bald eagle emblematizes America due to its long life span, remarkable independence and fierce bravery. When tourists arrive in Australia they will be impressed by the adorable stuffed souvenirs such as kangaroos, koala bears and platypus. With regard to China, no controversy has been touched off over this doubt whose answer is panda. In the first place, pandas never fail to win fascination and infatuation being such a lovable and fluffy animal. They wear white “coats” with black areas on ears, shoulders and limbs which cloak them from predators in natural habitats. In addition to their distinctly colored appearance, pandas are living a leisure life at a slow pace. Besides spending fourteen hours per day chewing and digesting bamboos, wandering aimlessly, sitting in trance and wiggling their big butts against trunks or branches compose the majority of a panda’s usual day. Amusingly, if the branches snap out of blue attributing to their chubby and cumbersome bodies, which is by the way of great possibility under most circumstances, these cherubic angels will just look around with their innocent eyes as if they totally have no idea what is going on. Secondly, merely less than two thousand pandas survive at present. The fact that pandas are on the verge of extinction gives rise to rules and laws strictly protecting them. Laws enacted by Chinese government declared that places inhabited by pandas were off-limits to development of agricultural, industrial and commercial purpose. To attend and nourish pandas, over one hundred natural reserves have been established on this planet. Meanwhile, pandas, known as “living fossils” provide us precious information of ecosystem in the ancient ages taking the history dated back to several million years ago into consideration. These mysterious and magnificent animals were populated on earth as neighbors with dinosaurs. Last but not the least, pandas solidify foundation of Chinese diplomatic relations with exotic partners. Entitled with “friendship ambassadors”, pandas visit and propagate in varied international zoos with unprecedented welcome. Before Baobao, a panda baby was given birth in Washington National Zoo, thousands of people halted work holding their breath and glued their eyes on the high-resolution live screen. The regale arrival of Baobao sparked a surge of ecstasy and jubilation. Delivering pandas all over the world demonstrating Chinese gesture of goodwill, reciprocal and intimate communication were established and thrillingly trades and business worth billion dollars ensued. Seldom do they harass or attack other animals, pandas are acknowledged as a symbol of harmony and amicability. It even has been reported by newspapers that pandas are willing to smile or say “hi” to human beings instead of dodging or alienating them. In a nutshell, pandas are reckoned irreplaceable based on their inviting charm, endangered situation and hospitable representation. Hopefully, they will accompany us for another million years.

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