cross-cultural interview Essay

Cross Cultural Interview Essay

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Cross – Cultural Interview Human Services 11 By Brian Pearson 26 March 2014 Pearson 1 The Interview I did my interview with a Mexican American friend of mine, who was born in Mexico and migrated here, by himself when he was 16 years of age. He still speaks with pretty strong accent, and struggles sometimes the right words in English to express what he is trying to convey. He is now 40 years of age and has a job with a winery in Napa as a boss, working his way up over the last 15 years. He also told me about 1 of the other ways in which he generates more income for his family. In case you didn’t know, cockfighting in Mexico is quite the norm, like soccer and played a big role in their live He went on to tell me that too many specifics, Mexican nationals that work the wineries, have certain get-togethers periodically different locations (winery’s), out in the back somewhere, they gather to fight their roosters. He went on to tell me that a person can generate a nice amount of cash, betting and fighting these animals. Pedro is married to a Caucasian American woman and they have 4 children together. There tends to be a difference of opinion, every so often on whom does what, both in and outside the home. His children seem to be well mannered and respectful of their elders. The family attends a church together regularly on Sundays, and midnight masses on special holidays. Pedro expects his wife to be the homemaker, attending to all the needs of the children along with all the chores that pertain to the home and the daily needs involved within, i.e. cooking, cleaning, shopping rearing of the children. Of course she has a different view on some of these things, and reminds him quite often that she is not from Mexico and she is not Mexican, and that is how she says it. Pearson 2 Pedro’s parents are still live in Mexico, and he visits with them a couple of times a year taking the children with him to see their grandparent. Pedro’s wife does not go on those trips, she says she doesn’t feel comfortable there, claiming they don’t like her because she is white, and that could very well be. Pedro is around much of his family most of the year, like cousins, brothers and sisters, for the simple fact that they are here working the vineyards. Pedro owns a couple of older manufactured homes in the area. He rents them to his relatives at the rate of $100 for each relative per month. This works out quite well for everyone, and most of that money he sends to his mother and father. He usually has around 8 to 10 male relatives in one home all the time. Usually the sisters stay at his house with his family. His house always has someone their and full of warmth, that is what I tell him when I go visit, that coming to his house makes me feel kind of warm inside, it is such a wonderful family atmosphere. A thing like infidelity is not discussed in the family, if it does take place, it takes place very quietly. Holidays or big deal, such as Christmas, Easter, Cinco de Mayo, mother’s day, father’s day. Most Mexicans when they are born grow up in the Catholic Church, where both divorce and birth control are frowned upon. And marriages are similar to hear you court for a while then you go to the father and ask if you can have his daughters hand in marriage. They eat a variety of food at his house, most of it is a bit spiced up and some of it is odd to me, like tripe, but most of the food is prepared in traditional style. Fajita’s, enchiladas, beans and rice are popular as so for chicken also. They are very close when it comes to family, and not just mother, father, children, grandparents, but aunts, uncles, cousins all of their family are close. And all of the women are expected to play the traditional role of homemaker. There is a very Pearson 3 strong commitment to the family and working things out, like disagreement or arguments, which they do have just like anyone else, but they seem to get through them with little screaming or hollering. And children do receive physical punishment but not often, when a child gets to unruly and the father has to step in, the child pretty much knows that a spanking is real close, dads don’t like to repeat themselves not to mention the respect factor that comes into play. Respect for your elders is a big deal and so it should be, but they are expected to maintain a certain amount of family respect as well. Not bringing negative attention to the family as well as siblings looking out for one another, to make sure this doesn’t happen, plays into their whole idea and expectation of respect. Hard work, respect for your elders and family seem to be the big thing when it comes to values. My friend believes Americans are mostly rude people who have very little respect for themselves let alone their families. He also went on to say that we take things for granted and lack a strong commitment to hard work and family. And that American’s are too quick to give up on one another especially when it comes to family and marriage. Furthermore we are self-centered people and lack self-respect. In comparison to Pedro’s life and my own, I often find myself wishing I had the strong family ties and a life similar to his. My family although we love each other, and I’m talking aunts, uncles, cousins, we don’t look out for one another or help each other like his. Not by my doing, but it seems he is right when he says we lack commitment and respect for one another otherwise we would be closer. It seems to me, my family whom I love very much and would like to be around always has to have someone to talk about in an ill manner, or feel the need to argue Pearson 4 over dumb things. I and one of my aunts and my wife don’t care for all that behavior. I love all of my family unconditionally and without prejudice, but I don’t nor will I indulge in talking bad about someone and or the choices in their life that they make. Long story short he is right, a lot of Caucasian families do lack respect and commitment to themselves and their families. There by making it difficult to make those strong family ties and relationships.

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