New England Region vs. Chesapeak Region Essay

New England Region Vs Chesapeak Region Essay

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In the sixteenth century, people left England for the New World. They left their country for many different reasons. Some people were looking for more freedom, like the Puritans. They wanted to practice their religion openly and find a new home for their families. Others left for the New World because of a sense of adventure. They wanted to experience sailing to a new land and making their fortune doing it. These people only were looking for wealth. They did not necessarily think of the New World as their home. They only wanted to stay for a few years and return to England wealthy men. There was one thing that both types of settlers had in common. They all wanted a better life for themselves and their families. Both types of setters were English citizens and came from similar backgrounds, but the colonies they lived in developed very differently. This happened because the groups came to North America for different reasons and settled in different areas of the New World, their colonies developed into different types of societies. The Puritans settled north in New England. They left England because they were looking for freedom of religion and equality for their families. John Winthrop, the Puritan leader of the Massachusetts Bay colony, talked about equality in his plan for the colony. In A Model of Christian Charity, which Winthrop wrote in 1630 on his way to the New World, he stated that he wanted the colony to have equality among the citizens. He wanted the colony to work together to build a new community for each other. Winthrop wanted the colony to be a place for Puritan families to live and worship together. These ideas are also shown in the Articles of Agreement for the Massachusetts colony. The articles state that all citizens of Massachusetts would be seen as equal. It wouldn’t matter if they were rich families or poor families. The Articles also say that all families would have land to build a house and land for planting. The Articles say that the colony will find a minister as soon as possible and build a church for the community to worship together. From the start, the New England colonies were settled by a united group of English citizens. They wanted to found a place for themselves to raise their families together. They wanted to be there for each other, help each other and worship God together. Wealth or social class did not matter in New England. The English citizen who settled the Chesapeake area of the New World came to settle land and strike it rich. These settlers were not looking for a new community. They wanted to build up wealth and gold in the New World and then take it back with them to England. These settlers were not looking for a new home and a new community. This idea was stated by Captain John Smith in The History of Virginia. Captain Smith said that the colonists came to Virginia to, “dig gold, wash gold, refine gold and load gold.” Captain Smith knew that the colonists were not looking to stay in Virginia. The colonists of the Chesapeake area were mostly men. Families did not come to this area of the New World. It was mostly young men looking to make a fortune and then return to England. This is shown in the Merchant Hope ship list of immigrants bound for Virginia. This document also states that the passengers are loyal to The Church of England and the King. They have all taken an oath of loyalty to England. They were not willing to look at the New World as their new home. England would always be home for them. The Chesapeake settlers did not build a new community like the New England settlers did. The Chesapeake area was in constant danger of attack by the Native Americans and from other invaders and pirates. But the colonists were not willing to join the military to defend the area. Virginia Governor Berkeley wrote to King Charles II in 1673 to explain to the King why the settlers could not defend the region. The settlers told the government that they did not want to leave their land empty while they went to the military. They were more concerned with their personal wealth than the safety of the colony and their neighbors. The colonists thought that the government had enough money to defend the colony and it wasn’t their responsibility. They did not have the same sense of community that the New England colonists had. Because they settled their colonies with different goals, the societies of New England and Chesapeake developed differently. The Puritans settled New England as families looking for a new home. They left England behind and were ready to call the New World their home where everyone was equal and free. The settlers of the Chesapeake were motivated to come to the New World for wealth. They were only interested in becoming rich and were not looking to build a new community. They hoped to take their wealth with them back to England. They never felt that they were going to live in the New World forever. This difference showed during the Revolutionary War. The rebellion of the colonies against England began in New England. They were ready to declare themselves a new country with no more ties to England. The colonists of the Chesapeake region always felt more loyal to England and the King. They were not ready to separate into a new country. They hoped to resolve their differences with England and not rebel against their home country.

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