Is abstinence the correct way to prevent teen pregnancy Essay

Is Abstinence The Correct Way To Prevent Teen Pregnancy Essay

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Many adults and teens, all know that telling adolescent children to be abstinent will, most of the time, not work. Adolescents are having sex at a younger age and are engaging in high-risk behaviors such as having multiple sex partners (Abraham 358). Though for generations we have been telling teens that abstinence is key, teen pregnancies have risen overtime. In schools, they instruct students to practice abstinence, but do teens really listen? Parents and adults have always stated that the best way to prevent teen pregnancies is through abstinence. However, studies have shown that abstinence alone is not the most effective way to teach birth control. Therefore, teens must be taught about contraceptives, creating better relationships with their family to facilitate communication, about sexuality, and should have after-school programs. There are many ways to birth control, but teens lack the information and access to these contraceptives (sex education in the RH bill). Many people wonder what contraceptives are. Well, contraceptives are methods, devices or pharmaceutical drugs that prevent pregnancies (Crall). With the use of contraceptives teen pregnancies are more likely to be reduced and/or prevented. Though they are not one hundred percent guaranteed nor will inhibit teens from receiving or distributing diseases, contraceptives accounts for about 75 % of the decline in pregnancy (Abraham). Contraceptives do have their harmful side affects and should be used with precaution .When Jessica Enyiona, 16, of Crockett high was asked of her opinion she said “they should teach more about contraceptives in school because sex is still going to happen” (Mixon). Today’s pregnant and parenting teens were themselves children of poor teen parents (Fonda). Justin Richardson stated “a child’s relationship with parents and siblings are the models for the choices young teens make about sex” (Wilson). If there is a tense relationship between the two, it would be rather hard to communicate with one another with concerns about sex. When teens have better relationships with their parents, they are more likely to tell their parents about their intimate life, in which there parents are able to give them information or advice on sex. Believe it or not, parents have a major effect in the role of pushing or not pushing abstinence (Wilson). Depending on the values and traditions a family may have, it will influence the decision of teens. Different families may have particular views, in the matter of pushing abstinence, or allowing there children to be sexually active at an adolescent age. In a 1999 survey, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 65% of students have sexual intercourse before the end of high school (Mixon). Sexuality means the condition of having sex. Teens do not put the use of abstinence to practice, while if they were being taught on sexuality teens would put this information to good use. Regardless of what goes on in the classroom, teenagers still have sex outside of it. In 2005, A&M researchers reported the abstinence instruction in Texas schools was not affecting teen sexual behavior or achieving its goal of delaying sexual activity until marriage (Mixon). Though education on sexuality should start at home, teens tend to follow what their peers do, in which their peers are less likely to support abstinence. But if teens were being correctly informed about sexuality, they would be prepared for life in the long run.

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